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Satin, Gloss or Matte —What is your preferred floor polishing?

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Imagine your dream home with finely finished walls and nicely polished floors! Does it shine? Or do you let it stay matte, subtle and yet elegant? Or did you dream of silky smooth flooring tempting enough to lie down on it? Floors can be a protagonist in your home décor. These alone have that power to either enhance or destroy the charm of your home. And polished floors with any finish are extra charismatic with their new shine and pristine look!

 Timber floors have this unique capacity to relive their original, new shine just by a hand of professional sanding and polishing. It’s a great way to eradicate the accumulated dust on them along with erasing the scratches too. An occasional maintenance done through these procedures is enough to enhance the life and beauty of your hardwood floors.

The three Exotic Timber Polish Finishes and the Uniqueness of Each!

 A floor finish is applied to the hardwood floor after sanding and polishing the floorboards by Doncaster Floors, who sands the floor to perfection and then polish the same with your choice of finish. You can either opt for glossy, matte or silky finish. Each one of them is wonderful in their own way, and below listed are the main characteristics of each to help you make your choice:

  • Gloss Finish — The most favourite finish across all residential users and commercial ones is the gloss or semi-gloss finish for timber polishing. It creates a glossy shine on the wooden floors creating a pretty modern and stylish look. Its shining finish is a striking feature and this is the reason it’s preferably used in luxurious interior design projects. But like everything royal needs a good maintenance, you’ll have to work really hard to maintain this pristine shine for longer. P.S. — For best results, have this shine on the rooms that face maximum sunlight to highlight its gleaming beauty better.
  • Satin Finish — A satin finish is also quite a famous choice, as it provides a middle or neutral finishing effect that is flexible enough to suit a number of decors and interior styles. It has a combination of modern and stylish look, along with a traditional and timeless aura to it, that can add to the elegance of your home or office. There’s some shine to it too, but it doesn’t show much and is quite neutral. It’s far easy to maintain and the satin finish can last for years staying intact because of it. Even the dirt and dust aren’t much visible on it.
  •  Matte Finish — A matte finish is highly recommended and opted for by the people having high traffic in their offices and pets and children at home. It’s without shine, exudes a subtle look, but is perfect to the point. You can call it a practical finish, as it displays the original stained polish of the hardwood beautifully without any emphasis on gloss. It’s super easy to maintain. Doesn’t show up the scratches until they are very severe, and can even hide lots of dust.

Now you’d be well aware as to which finish would suit your interior best. And if you’re still under the dilemma as to which floor finish you should choose, you can always contact the experts to guide you.


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