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Your Guide To Various Kinds of Sewer Pipes

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It’s not possible for every homeowner to know the types of sewer pipes that have been utilized in his or her home. But, that doesn’t mean that you’ll continue to stay in the dark and not know about the same ever again in the future. By knowing the type of sewer pipe utilized inside your home, you can enjoy the following set of benefits:

  • Understand as well as predict the problems that are happening especially when your drain or sewer is not working in proper order.
  • Have the ability to explain the problems you’re facing to a professional plumber and thereby obtain a correct estimation of the services that will be required for the same. 

To help you educate on the various types of sewer pipes, we have created this extensive guide containing some of the most popular ones that you can find in most homes around you. 

The Various Types Of Sewer Pipes

  • ABS & PVC Sewer Pipes

A professional plumber in Burleigh Heads points out that ABS or otherwise known as Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene along with PVC or otherwise known as Polyvinyl Chloride, are some of the new-age components used to created plumbing & sewer pipes. Nowadays, pipes made from ABS and PVC are widely utilized in most homes. The first time these pipes appeared in the market was during the 1970s. These pipes are said to be the most durable ones out there and they can last at least fifteen to twenty years at a stretch. Some of the salient features that you need to know about ABS & PVC pipes are:

  • PVC & ABS pipes are rust-proof and will not corrode over time. 
  • These pipes are extremely cost-effective because they don’t take many resources to be created, making them super-affordable.
  • ABS & PVC pipes have smooth exteriors as well as interiors, making them resistant to the intrusion of tree roots. 
  • These pipes have extreme versatility because they can either be used alone or with clay or cast iron piping. 

However, you must note that these pipes are not resistant to heat and are quite susceptible to cracking if the walls of the pipe are thin. 

  • Concrete Sewer Pipes

Like PVC & ABS sewer pipes, concrete sewer pipes are also extremely sturdy & durable. You can expect a concrete sewer pipe to last at least thirty years, which is quite frankly more than the general lifetime of PVC & ABS pipes. Such is the reason why concrete sewer pipes are also considered to be a new-age piping technology. 

It should be perceived that concrete sewer pipes are susceptible to damage, which can lead to replacements or repairs. However, they are still preferred by homeowners because of their overall strength, affordability, and longevity.  

  • Clay Sewer Pipes

This is another type of sewer pipe construction method, which was usually used during World War II period. These pipes were made out of clay shale and were made to last more than thirty years at least. They were considered to be environment-friendly and were non-reactive, making them highly resistant to acids & chemicals. 

Even after mentioning the advantages above, these pipes were porous and brittle, making them susceptible to:

  • Crumbling
  • Leaking
  • Infiltration By Tree Roots
  • Snapping Or Cracking Under Extreme Pressure

The good news is that these types of sewer pipes are basically extinct and if you find any house with these pipes fitted, you can now assess the house’s age. 

And that brings us to the end of our long-end discussion about sewer pipes. We hope you enjoyed our comprehensive write-up and if you need any professional plumbing assistance at your home, don’t forget to call us any time.

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