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Why You Should Have a Pre-Listing Inspection

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Many people believe that the home buyer must have a home inspection before they buy a house. A pre-listing inspection can be beneficial for the seller as it prevents any problems later. If you’re selling your home, consider getting pre-listing new home inspection in ottawa.

What Does a Pre-Listing Inspection Look Like?

The pre-listing inspection takes place before the property is put on the market. Prospective buyers can view the condition of the house before they begin negotiations. It’s possible for the buyer to have issues with the inspection after negotiations. This is why it’s so beneficial for everyone.

An inspector will conduct a typical inspection, create a report and prepare a summary for you, the seller. After reviewing the overview and/or report, the seller and agent will review them and decide whether to adjust the listing price. Both the overview and report are then published and made available to potential buyers and real estate professionals.

What are the benefits of a pre-listing inspection?

The benefits are many, as we have already stated. It will eliminate any conditional offers and issues during negotiations. This could result in the seller having the property sold more times than necessary due to buyer changes of mind. All parties are able to agree on everything before the listing goes live and the home is put up for sale. This minimizes liability.

If the property is in a better state than initially thought, it can be reflected in the price. A buyer will be more likely to accept an offer without a formal inspection, which can speed up the process of selling the house. The transaction will not be complicated by any conflicting information. It will be smoother and faster for everyone.

We recommend that you have a pre-listing inspection if you are selling your house. This will make the process as smooth and quick as possible. NCR Home Inspection offers sellers inspections as part of our home inspector services.


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