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Why You Need To Get A Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

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What’s a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

Everybody who buys a resale property should have a home inspection. It’s like buying a car without having it tested drive or choosing a colour. Sounds crazy, right? It may sound crazy, but when you buy a house, you are actually investing at least fifty-fifty times more. People pay more for their groceries than the house being properly inspected by a professional. Let me tell you what a pre-purchase inspection is.

A home inspection can save you thousands of dollars and prevent you from having to deal with headaches. A qualified and impartial home inspector is something I believe in.

You need someone who will tell the truth about a house, even if that means selling it and moving on

What’s included in a pre purchase home inspection in calgary?

A qualified inspector can identify potential problems and red flags in your home. You will be able to tell which problems need to be addressed immediately and which can wait and what the best course of action is to get it fixed. From there, you can make informed decisions about your future and determine if the house is worth it.

People fall for the eye candy too often – granite countertops and hardwood floors, crown molding, 8-foot ceilings and stainless steel appliances. They don’t notice the water damage to the ceiling, mold in the basement, bathroom, crumbling mortar exterior or rotting framing around the windows. That’s scary!

A qualified home inspector should check:

  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Structural issues
  • Both Interior and Exterior Issues
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Systems
  • Building an Envelope
  • Mold, Radon and Indoor Air Quality available upon request

A roof inspection can be requested during a pre-purchase inspection. The home inspector will inspect the roof and give you an estimate of its lifespan. The inspector will inform you if the roof needs to be replaced or repaired.

They will inspect the foundation and building structure. If there are any cracks or problems, they will need to fix them immediately.

They will also inspect the electrical, plumbing, HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning), and notify you of any major repairs or upgrades. Before you make an offer on a house, ask them if it needs a new furnace or if there are any problems with the knob and tube wiring. These repairs are not cheap!

Hiring a Home Inspector

A home inspector who has many years of experience and is highly qualified should be chosen. After the home inspection, you want to be sure that they provide a customized report. Keep that report. It will be necessary for resale.

The Home Inspector should offer a professional consultation about the home’s condition at the time of inspection. They should have been through a rigorous and extensive training process. Mike Holmes Inspectors are highly qualified and well-trained to perform quality inspections.

A Inspector:

  • Mike Holmes Inspections has certified and trained the entire workforce and offers third-party accredited courses.
  • A Certified Thermographer
  • Reliable, capable and willing to answer all your questions promptly
  • Expertise and knowledge
  • Excellent customer service with a smile, knowing that they help homeowners every single day!

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