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Which Style Of Sofa Will Be Best For You? Know More

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When it comes to sofa styles & designs, there’s no shortage of the same. You can easily pick a design or style that will suit your personality the most. It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning to opt for a high-end looking living room or just want to increase your repertoire of sofas in your house – there’s a choice for everyone out there. 

Therefore, in this article guide, we’ll be going through some of the best styles & designs of sofas that you can opt for yourself – with the help of furniture stores in Auckland


Multiple Styles & Designs Of Sofas That You Should Know About


  • Elegant Cabriole

This high-style of cabriole sofa is best known for its beautiful straight lines that curve all around the sofa structure. The classic versions of this sofa offer visible yet short legs, along with a beautiful wood detailing. This type of sofa is ideal for those people who want to generate a feeling of a formal look inside the living room.

  • Casual Sectional

The sectional sofas are indeed a great option for the modern casual lifestyle. There are modular pieces that are connected, which will help you accommodate your sofa according to your space requirements. 


You can proceed to put a contemporary-styled sectional sofa inside your living room or guest room. If you want the ultimate comfort, then you can opt for sectional sofas with the option to lean back whenever you want.

  • Traditional Chesterfield

These sofas are constructed with the help of brown-deep fabric, nailhead trim, and deep tufting. The style mainly originated in London’s Gentleman’s Club, which was nearly three centuries from now on. Modern Chesterfield sofas provide a great choice of fabrics as well as colors, which the nailhead trim will be optional for you.

The style will be blending well with any type of classic decor and will easily prove to be an eye-catching design, inside a contemporary home.

  • Mid-Century Modern

You can now show-off your appreciation and sophistication for the clean lines of this mid-century modern sofa design. The sofa is mainly characterized by fluid angles, tapered conical feet, neutral looking upholstery, and the like.

This style of the sofa was mainly inspired by Danish modern furniture, which was during the period of 1950s. As a result, this type of sofa will be able to provide your home with an iconic classic look of the past. 

  • Timeless Lawson

This style of the sofa was created for the well-known financier Thomas Lawson during the early 20th century. And since then, it has been inside people’s minds. 


The sofa features clean lines along with a simple-looking silhouette, which contrasts almost the Victoria designs of the past. It has a timeless elegance factor and is perfect for those who have a sophisticated taste in sofas. 

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