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When Is a Home Inspection Required?

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When it comes to homeownership, there are many things that cannot be ignored. Regular mortgage payments, homeowner’s insurance, and property taxes are all mandatory. Buyers and sellers in many states must also go through home inspections. However, home inspections may not be required at all times. ICA can help you decide if your home should be inspected.

Before you Buy

Before closing on a property, most new homeowners will need to hire an inspector. Home inspections are usually required by state laws as part of due diligence. Although inspections are not mandatory in all states, they are frequently requested by mortgage lenders and banks before they will approve a loan for a home. Although you don’t need to have your home inspected before closing, it is a smart way of evaluating the condition of your home.

Before you move in, or after you close, a home inspector will inspect the property for potential hazards and defects. After your offer has been accepted, but before you close on your home, it is a good idea to have the property inspected. You have the opportunity to inspect every square inch of the house and adjust your offer accordingly. An expert home inspector in Santa Clarita will provide more detailed results than a DIY inspection.

Before you Sell

You may wish to have your property professionally inspected before you put it on the market. Although you are the best person to inspect your home, even an experienced eye cannot see all of the flaws in a property. Professionals have been trained to identify these issues. Pre-listing inspections can help you assess the condition of your home and provide insight into pricing.

Pre-listing inspections can give you peace of mind when selling your home. A stressful process is buying or selling a house. But with a detailed inspection report, you can feel confident about the property and be able to go into negotiations. Although not required by law, pre-listing inspections can help to minimize the chance of unexpected surprises regarding your home’s worth.

When you Inherit Property

An inheritance of property can be a blessing or a curse. An inspection can make the experience pleasant, no matter if it’s a pleasant surprise or a burden. It’s easy to forget about inspections when you’re trying to keep track of utility bills, update the homeowner’s insurance policy, and pay any outstanding mortgage payments. You can benefit from the results of a home inspection in the first few weeks after you purchase the house.

It is possible to be torn between renting the house out, selling it, or moving in your own home. A home inspection can help you make an informed decision about the condition of your home. An inspection can give you a complete overview of the condition of the property, potential problems and any defects in its systems. You can avoid serious stress by addressing safety and maintenance issues early.

Before you Become a Landlord

It’s exciting to get into the real-estate business. However, many landlords fail to realize how important it is to move quickly. Before you decide to rent out your home, make sure a certified inspector inspects it. You could be in serious legal trouble if you fail or neglect to report hazards on your property to the landlord.

For example, take lead paint regulations. Lead-based paint is used in many homes that were built before 1970. It’s legal, but not necessarily safe, to continue living in a home with lead-based paint. However, it is illegal to expose your tenants to the hazardous substance. The presence of lead paint must be disclosed to tenants when they sign the lease. Failure to do so will not relieve you from liability. A home inspection is one the best investments that a landlord can make, considering how much your rental property’s safety is at stake.

A Homeowner’s Not-So-Secret Weapon

A home inspection can be ordered at any time. An inspection is a great way to get the information you need to make informed decisions about buying, renting, or selling a house. Inspections can give homeowners valuable insight into the condition of a home they have lived in for many years. Smart home owners know that a thorough inspection report is a valuable tool. You can give yourself peace of mind by calling an ICA-certified house inspector today.


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