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What to Expect When You’re Inspecting

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For first-time homebuyers, it can be difficult to go through a home inspection. After a thorough process, you can almost feel the keys in the palm of your hand when you open the front door. That’s how close you are.

It is easy to see the inspection as something you have to overcome. Don’t. It’s an integral part of one the most important sales deals you will ever make. In some cases, an inspection may prevent you from signing up for major headaches. It is not what you want for your dream home turn into a nightmare.

The home inspection process has been significantly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Florida is a major market for real estate. Home inspectors and REALTORS(r), therefore, have quickly adapted to new protocols.

Here are the basics of inspections and how you can get involved. Let’s start with a simple truth. Your Orlando REALTOR(r), is the best source of information in the inspection process.

It is vital to find the right inspector

Your advocate is the home inspector, so make sure you choose carefully. The good news is that inspectors in Florida must complete 120 hours of state-approved training and pass an exam to obtain a license. This license must be renewed every 2 years.

Depending on the size of your home, an inspector will typically charge you $200-$400. At least three quotes are required. You will be able to understand what the inspector will check and what you should expect. While a fixed fee is the norm for most inspectors, some charge by the time they spend, the age of your house and other factors. Be careful when choosing and remember that this may not be the right time to choose the cheapest option.

Your REALTOR(r), can help you choose an inspector. Your REALTOR(r) will have access to a wide network of trusted practitioners and can match you with an inspector for the home that interests you.

Basics of Home Inspection

The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors has all the details about what its members do during an inspection.

You can expect your inspector to spend a few hours going through the house. You can expect them to be very attentive for roof problems, electrical wiring problems, poor insulation, ventilation, water pressure, problems with plumbing, pest infestations, leaks and other issues.

Your inspector will issue a detailed inspection report within a few days. This will highlight any concerns or issues. The report will not include information such as the life expectancy of the property or its components, the market value of the home or the marketability of the home, and advice about whether to purchase the property.

Standard practices have been altered by the pandemic

Although home buyer in Orlando and their REALTORS(r), are allowed to attend home inspections during the pandemic, it is worth considering whether you can also attend. It is recommended that sellers and their agents leave the home inspection after the two-to three-hour period. The inspector should inspect the property without anyone else. The seller might insist that they be present, but so can the buyer. It is best to hire an inspector you trust will do a thorough job.

Inspectors now routinely use masks, gloves, social distancing and other safety precautions in their inspections. Your REALTOR(r), will ensure that all parties, including the buyer, seller, and inspector, understand what is expected regarding safety and health.

You will most likely be unable to meet with inspectors because of the pandemic. You have every reason to trust your Orlando REALTOR(r), and to find one that you can trust.

You must be prepared to negotiate

If the inspection reveals only minor problems, you can close the deal and move on. You can negotiate repairs and concessions with your REALTOR(r). You may be able to negotiate a counteroffer or agree to any of your requests. Your REALTOR(r), can help you find a compromise that is acceptable for both parties and help you move the sale forward.

You have the right to cancel the deal if the seller refuses to repair the property or offer concessions. Everyone would be happy for the deal to proceed. Remember that your Orlando REALTOR(r), is bound by a code which requires them to protect your best interests above all else. If you do decide to walk away, your Orlando REALTOR(r), will most likely thank you for their help in finding you a better home.


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