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Wetting Agent Market Research by Key players, Type and Application, Future Growth to 2028

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Customers have a growing need for faster wetting and better wetting performance. In addition, customers are increasingly looking for odorless surfactants.

The changing needs of consumers are forcing wetting agent providers to constantly change their product offerings in order to better serve them.

SABIC, a globally recognized chemical company added the non-iconic surfactant, to its extensive portfolio of fluid products. This product can be used as a detergent, emulsifier and wetting agent in both home and industrial care.

The wetting agent can also be used to base new products, which provides key opportunities for manufacturers in the market for wetting agents.

Profound, Inc., for instance, launched its new lubricating drop, which are nasal moisturizers based on wetting agents. Manufacturers of wetting agents will have more opportunities to expand their product lines with these differentiating applications.

In the next few years, wet agent application in agriculture will gain more traction. Wetting agent companies will have more options with new technology and better formulations. Advanced products are needed to produce high-quality crops.

Oasis Grower solutions recently introduced Soax Advanced, a liquid wetting agent that ensures uniformity in air/water ratios throughout the root zone.

This wetting agent decreases the likelihood of spot drying, prevents the formation of water sockets and increases water holding capacity. These applications will drive demand for wetting agents across all end-use industries.

Leading Economies to Showcase Production Opportunities for the Future

The market analysis is focused on key regions. However, due to increasing production facilities in North America and Europe, wetting agent production in these regions could see significant opportunities. This is because major players in this market have found production space in these regions.

Evonik Industries AG is another market leader in wetting agents. It has seen significant growth in the chemical industry, which could help it to expand its market share. New opportunities are anticipated for the company’s future in these regions with the new production facilities, such as those in North America or Germany for its chemical offerings.

Major Manufacturers Show Considerable Developments: Steady Future Opportunity Could Be Expected

ALASIA Chemicals and Hexion Inc. are the key players in the market for wetting agents. Ltd, Huntsman Corporation and Mani Agro Chemicals. Ashland Inc. and BYK–Chemie GmbH.

Companies have made it a priority to invest in expansion and investment strategies as they adapt their business models to meet the changing and volatile market. To ensure business growth, companies invest in regions and segments that are flourishing.

  • Huntsman Corporation, which is a provider of wetting agents, was seen expanding its business to Saud Arabia with a joint venture with Zamil Group, Diglycolamine agent. Diglycolamine agents can be used to produce surfactants, amine salts and wetting agents. These joint ventures will increase the company’s market share in the wetting agent industry and help them improve their products for consumers.
  • The wetting agent industry has seen a significant shift in product development strategies that helps them gain market share. BASF’s new Bascal HP 100 wetting agent was launched to address the problems encountered in multi-effect distillation (MED), desalination plants.
  • The Dow Chemical Company has seen a remarkable growth rate of nearly 10% in organic sales. They also have a strong performance across all domains, which is a sign of a stable future for their wetting agent market contributions.

The Promising Segments of the Wetting Agent Market Classification

To gain a better understanding of the market, we have segmented it based on product type and application.

  • The market for wetting agents is divided into three types based on the product type: solvent, water and powder.
  • The market can be sub-divided based on the use of wetting agents.

This research report on the wetting agent market provides a comprehensive analysis of the market. This report provides a deeper understanding of the market by providing facts and historical data as well as meaningful insights and industry-validated, statistically-backed data.

With the aid of a sufficient set of assumptions, methodologies, projections are included in this report. The market research report on wetting agents market includes data and evaluations based on geography, market segments, technology, applications, and other factors.



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