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We Know the Importance of Quality House Painting

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We understand the importance of quality house painting

Although the winter season is over, the effects of the cold and rainy weather are still visible on your exterior paint. Painting your house is an important part of home maintenance. Caulking and house painting are important to protect your home against weather damage. It is possible to spend a lot of money on siding replacement if you ignore peeling exterior paint. A home’s exterior paint condition can also affect its value. A person who is looking to purchase a home will feel more comfortable if the exterior paint has been done with care.

When house painting, there are many factors to consider and many choices to make. Experts house painters in west auckland have helped hundreds of homeowners make big decisions about their exterior paint colors. Our experts help clients choose exterior paint colors by educating them about color combinations, styles and how to make a house stand out and blend in with its surroundings.

Preparing the house is the first step in the painting process. The experts will begin by washing the house with a power washer. This removes any loose paint and helps to ensure good adhesion. Finally, they will apply a primer coat to any wood. The next step is caulking, which can be done depending on the client for all wood siding, wood trim and special stucco patches. Final step in the preparation process is to completely cover all windows and surfaces that are not suitable for paint. Now the house is ready for exterior painting.

You can make your home sparkle for spring with a fresh coat of paint, but that doesn’t mean it has to end there. Experts In Your Home also offers the following:

* Power washing
* Deck Coatings
* Waterproofing
* Sheet Rock Repair
* Specialty Finishes

Instead of thinking about house painting every day as you pull up to your driveway, it is time to ask for a quote from our professional painting service.

Experts in Your Home has over 30 years of experience making them the best choice for all your house painting needs. Both interior and exterior painting are available for residential and commercial properties as well as new construction.


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