Vape Rather Than Smoke For The Betterment of Health and Environment!

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There have been innumerable studies and campaigns showing us all the ill effects of smoking! The negative effects of smoking on our personal health and also on the people around us are something that we have been taught since we were in school. Not to forget its harsh effect on the environment and its significant role in increasing the pollution quotient day by day!

 Smoking is hazardous and no one can deny it! But still, even after knowing each and every harmful effect of cigarettes on our body and environment, quitting it becomes a drastic step to take! Here’s where vaping comes in as a saviour.

 Why to prefer vaping to smoking?

Vaping is the best way to give up smoking and free ourselves and others from the dangerous aftermath of it. But why should you opt for vapes actually? The one reason that it replaces the habit of smoking surely isn’t enough to get you convinced to buy a Juul starter kit in UK. You are naturally intrigued to know more about vaping. And for building up your curiosity on the same, check the reasons why vaping is a far better option than smoking!

It’s less dangerous than smoking — According to a recent research carried out by thousands of doctors worldwide, vaping is 95% safer in comparison to cigarettes. These e-cigarettes do not involve inhaling tobacco in any form, neither is smoke given out through it. This makes them pretty much safer to use, as it doesn’t involve any direct effects on skin, lungs or respiratory system.

 Eco friendly — The second-best benefit of vaping is — it doesn’t lead to giving out any harmful smoke. Therefore there are no harmful effects on people sitting around us and also on the atmosphere because of you using it.

 Easily available — The awareness of vaping over cigarettes has grown a lot in recent days. So has its availability! That’s why you can easily get access to it at the malls, online stores, petrol (gas) stations, etc. There are also some exclusive vape shops in London. Lontech Shop, for example, has a varied selection of vapes of all kinds with the various selections of e-juices as well. They offer countrywide delivery in addition to amazing discounts for your benefits.

No tobacco smell — Since vaping doesn’t involve any kind of tobacco, there’s no smell of it getting burnt either! Infant, most of the vapes come in flavours with a light aroma which may actually be pleasurable!

Lesser nicotine intake — Vaping does involve nicotine to some extent, but you can easily control the limit of the same. There are e-juices available with varied concentration of nicotine as per your preference – from strong to practically nil – you can choose which way you want to go. If you’ve just quit smoking (and you have been an avid smoker), then you can go for higher concentration of nicotine and then try to gradually reduce it.

Multiple flavours— As vapes work on e-juices, there are lots of amazing flavours to choose from. You can pick your choice from fruit juices, desserts and even tobacco flavour for that matter. You even get a versatile option to try a different one each day (if you don’t want to commit to one, or if you think variety is the spice of life)!

 Satisfaction guaranteed — When you’re just out of your smoking habit, satisfying your cravings may become a huge issue for you. Through vaping, you can experience instant satisfaction of your cravings. You can go for tobacco flavoured e-juice for a start with a percentage of nicotine in it, and once you have enough control on your demands, you can opt for the ones with milder flavours and lesser nicotine too.

  In budget and long lasting — As a smoker, you always have to invest on a packet of cigarettes which may eventually burden your budget too. With vaping, there are a lot of options available for everyone where budget is concerned.  You can prefer a disposable one if your budget is too low, or buy one that’s of good quality and has a warranty as well. You just have to choose what suits your pocket. It’s even long lasting if proper care is taken and all the necessary user guidance is followed accurately.

 Fit for amateurs — Vaping isn’t something complex! Even if you’re using it for the first time, you can pass with flying colours.

 Hope you’re still not on second thoughts as to why you should go for vaping instead of smoking! Enjoy your puff without sacrificing your health or polluting your environment.


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