Dealing With Daycare Pickup — A True War Story of a Parent and Child!

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Alright, no need to stress! We know the struggle is real. After a long, tiring day from the office, it’s obviously a not so welcoming thought to juggle with your kid who’s so adamant to stay in the daycare centre for longer now. This kid is probably happy to see you (or not exactly!) but doesn’t want to come with you! Of course, it’s natural. With so many friends around, lots of toys, caring teachers, and rooms full of attractive activities, no one would want to leave the space. And the one you are dealing with is a child after all. (God knows they can be as tough as the Great Wall of China to budge when they are adamant!) Hence, starts the great battle of parent and kid on leaving the daycare centre!

Tips to Make Your Daycare Pickup Easier!

No amount of prayers and convincing is going to do the trick for you when your child isn’t ready to join you in the journey back home. Well, you’ll have to show this smart munchkin who’s the parent after all. So, even though your kid is done having an awesome fun time in one of the best child care centres in Melbourne like Kids&Co, who is the sweetest with your kid and a pro in handling all sorts of childish moods, it’s time to get her/him back home. Check the below-listed tips that will be really helpful for you to win this great battle of parenthood each day.

  • Bring an enticing item with you — Ok, so is your child crazy about sweets? Or is it colours and craft? Ensure to bring one of her/ his favourite items along when you are picking him from the day-care centre. But remember, we aren’t specifying that the thing should be brand new or something unhealthy for the kid. The idea is to just tempt the kid to return with you without a fuss.
  • Talk and your way out — No doubt the daycare centre is the most loved place by your kid. But after all, you are the parent! We know you’d be having some special language (of love) that’s known to only both of you and that can surely convince the child to go home with you. We are talking of the one that you use to make him sleep and bathe daily, remember? Use that! We assure a lit bit of explaining and patience is all you need.
  • Don’t rush – mingle a little — We know we are asking too much from a parent who has worked all day long and still have to deal with a kid at home, but it will help, really! You just have to mingle with the child and make him believe they even you are happy and eager to play with his friends and toys. And slowly, gradually, take him away in the same playful manner! That’s it, phew, the mission is accomplished.

Well, let’s see which tactic from the above-listed ones proves beneficial for you. After all, you have to fight this battle daily; and as a parent, you just can’t afford to lose!

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