Traveling hacks that everyone should know about

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A vacation is perhaps the best time when you can simply forget all worries and enjoy. However, you should be careful as certain things need to be handled when you are on the go! Here are the top travel hacks that you would find useful.

Travel Hacks

Phone Charging Hack

Travelling is fun! But what about your phone that ran out of charge? Especially when you do not even have a power bank! You can use the USB port of TVs at the airport, hotel room, or café. Check the rear panel for the USB jacks. This quick hack will make your life way easy!

Carrying Food

It can get difficult to carry your food around while you are on a road trip. You stop by at a takeaway only to find yourself confused where would you keep the food. Use a basket to keep your food so that it does not spill away.

Packing Jewelry

No matter how careful you are, the jewelry is surely going to get tangled. A good idea is to put the chains of jewelry between wrapping paper and roll in to form a tube. You can simply unwrap it whenever you wish to use the jewelry.

Sit in the Car Properly

The instances of accidents happen when passengers are not seated properly. Make sure that the front seat is taken by the navigator. Those who are sleeping in the back should rest properly so that they are ready to drive once they get into the driver’s seat. Placement of items is also very crucial. You should always keep things that are handy to the driver right where they are accessible. all the extra things like clothes, jackets, and luggage should be kept at the back.

Luggage Tags

No wonder travel is amazing and thrilling. However, the chances of you missing out on your luggage are really high. Make sure to always add luggage tags. Write your name and number on the luggage tag and place it both outside and inside the bag. People who found your luggage will get back to you easily according to this.

Carry an Extension Cord

According to lighthouse hotel bunbury, you should always carry an extension cord while traveling. Needless to say, you would be carrying different devices like your phone, camera and ipads or laptops while on a vacay. It is not possible to charge these devices all at the same time unless you have an extension cord. Moreover, if you use the extension cord then it will be easy for fellow passengers too.

Inflight Entertainment

Not each flight and bus would have a backseat screen. No worries! You can create your own inflight entertainment. Just take a ziplock bag and place your phone in it. Next, you can fix the bag to the table lock. You would not have to hold your phone over and again this way. You should also make sure that there is a hole in the bag for you to connect the earphones. This will help you enjoy your video without disturbing fellow passengers. Bunbury restaurants recommend this hack to make your travel smooth.

Free Water

You can save a lot of money that you would otherwise spend on buying water. The cost of water bottles is usually high in places such as the petrol pump and famous tourist destinations. A good hack is to carry empty water bottles with you everywhere. You can fill it with water from places like mother and child rooms and tap water wherever it is safe. Some restaurants will also give you regular water if you ask them.


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