Travel Tips – 6 Things All Parents Need To Know About Traveling With A Baby

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While most mums assume that traveling with a baby means packing multiple bags, it is not a good idea to board a plane with more baggage than there is room for. Read on for more tips on how to successfully travel with your baby.

  • Keep Things Clean

Wet wipes are a lifesaver when traveling with a baby, and the best part is that they’re portable and easy to take pretty much anywhere.

Pack enough wipes to tackle all of the inevitable messes your baby will make along the way. Wet wipes will also come in handy for sanitizing public toilet pans before you use them, as well as any surfaces you come into contact with.

Bonus sanitization tip: You’ll thank yourself for also adding a travel baby bottle sterilizer to keep your baby’s bottle safe and clean on the go.

  • Always Consult a Pediatrician

The first thing you must remember before you even consider taking your baby to a new country or even another province is that immunization is essential. 

Weeks prior to embarking on your trip, speak to your pediatrician to find out if you need to take any vaccines. You also need to ask your pediatrician if there are any medications you should take along with you.

  • Pre-book a Bassinet

A bassinet is a bed for babies that attaches to the bulkhead wall. Most flights have a limited amount, so it’s a good idea to pre-book a bassinet to make traveling on a plane with a baby that much easier.

Bonus tip: call your chosen airline a week before to double-check your bassinet booking. It’s important to always put your baby’s comfort first if you plan on flying. A comfortable baby translates to far less stress during your journey.

  • Invest in a Proper Stroller

The best investment any mum can make is in a comfortable stroller. That’s because a stroller can also be used as a highchair, shopping bag carrier, or even a baby’s bed when needed. 

In fact, most parents only realize the value of a comfortable, lightweight stroller when they start traveling with their baby. Learn from the mistakes of parents who’ve gone before you, and invest in a top-quality stroller now. 

  • Keep Your Itinerary Light

Having a baby doesn’t mean you have to throw your travel bucket list away. It just means that you might have to tweak your travel plans a little. Keep in mind that not all places are baby-friendly, so try to schedule suitable activities to make the trip enjoyable for all involved.

Overdoing it with a complicated itinerary can leave you feeling exhausted instead of relaxed and rejuvenated. You certainly don’t want to feel drained on your journey home with a baby, so be mindful and take it easy when planning your travel itinerary.

  • Consider Your Baby’s Entertainment Needs

Babies get bored easily, so as a mum, you must always be ready with a bag of tricks to keep your little one entertained during long flights, long drives, and everything in between. 

Carry a bag packed with snacks, toys, a tablet or iPad, and games to ensure that you keep your baby happy whether you’re flying, driving, or boating. 

Traveling with a baby can seem scary at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that it comes down to a handful of important practices. Give it a try – you’ll never know what it’s like unless you make the leap for yourself.

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