Top e-juice flavours that you need to give a try in 2019!

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Making the shift to the world of electronic cigarettes is big in itself, let alone choosing the correct e-juice for vaping. You have finally found the perfect vaping kit to let you get started into the world of vaping! You have freed yourself from the habit of smoking actual tobacco cigarettes. Congratulations! You are eligible for choosing over hundreds of e-juice flavours. If the very thought of adding any liquid into your e-cigarette seems strange enough, you need to understand where the e-liquid fits into the entire story.

Vaping is basically the act of inhaling a liquid that has been heated to turn into vapour. E-cig liquid is the solution with the required flavouring and concentrations that is turned into vapour by the vape device. There are different constituents like nicotine, flavour essence, vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol which are all blended together to create the different e-juice flavours that fuel your e-cigarettes. So, if you are one of those people who have made the switch to vaping from smoking cigarettes, well, there’s a wide world of e-juices and vaping devices out there for you. You can take your pick from e-cigarettes, box mods, vaporizers, vape pens like puffco peak etc. Vaporizer Hut is the perfect place where you can find everything on the same website and at the best prices. It’s the perfect shop to go to if you want to take your first step in the vaping world with quality products, shipped to you in no time. 

E-juice Flavours 

To be honest, finding the best e-liquid flavour is a never-ending quest, and we can totally feel you. You are bound to get confused between delicious flavours like juicy fruits and mouth- watering sweet desserts and devilish cocktail inspired ones and nostalgia stimulating cereal flavoured ones, etc. We all have our own favourites, and you often come across a new flavour and feel that nothing can be better, until you find the next one. So, let’s see which flavours rule the current year:

  • Strawberry & Lime: Are you feeling the freshness of strawberry and lime? The sweet and tanginess of strawberries meets the sourness of lime to give off a real punchy vibe. This e-juice describes summer in a nutshell, and vapers can’t get enough of it. Lime gives a fresh twist, while strawberry calms down the sourness. It’s perfect when you want a really refreshing summer hit.
  • Very berry: Recently, berry flavours have started getting popular like no other. And one of the best kinds is a cocktail of all the berries starting from blueberry to strawberry, raspberry and black current — cause you can never have too many berries. This is all about fleshy sweet tones and a real taste explosion. It’s perfect if you are a fan of classic fruity flavours with a twist.
  • Choco banana: This is a delicious, sweet, chocolate mix with banana which tastes like Nutella on toast. It’s basically your idea of comfort food if you like feasting on hazelnut chocolate dipped banana pieces. This is one desert flavour that you can never say no to.

o   Classic menthol: As the name suggests, this is as classic as it can get. If you are not a fan of experimenting (and a fan of the classics), this flavour is the one for you. This flavour is all about classic mint and menthol, and offers a refreshing hit as you vape it. It leaves behind a cool, minty essence and is one of our old favourites.

  • Lemon sherbet: This too is one of the tangiest flavours in the market, fully packed with a sour punch. This childhood favourite comes back into our lives and how! It has a delicious sweet and tangy taste that’s perfect for everyday vaping. This refreshing flavour cleans your palate, and you could literally vape it all day long.

So, these are the best, most satisfying and fun e-juice flavours that you absolutely need to try this year. In the world of vaping, everybody has their own favourites, and we are sure, some of these are soon going to be yours. So, if you have lately found yourself arguing with a fellow vaper on which ejuice is the best, well you just got to show him the list now.


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