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Top Carpet Cleaning Tips and Tricks

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Deep down dirt can be embedded in the carpet pile and vacuum cleaning alone is not enough. If carpets aren’t thoroughly cleaned, dirt can build up and eventually flatten the fibres. Vax Carpet Cleaners clean carpets to remove dirt and odours, and brighten them.

Vax’s fast drying technology in the Platinum Power Max allows you to dry your carpets in a matter of hours. This leaves your carpets looking fresh and clean.

A high-quality carpet washer that uses quick drying technology and deep cleaning is key to achieving amazing results with carpet cleaning in north shore. Follow our top tips for the best results.

Get rid of spills as soon as possible

You should immediately deal with any spillage to prevent it from becoming a stain. Your Carpet Cleaner can collect most liquids before they soak in. To absorb as much liquid as possible, you can place sheets of kitchen roll over the spillage if your carpet cleaner is not available immediately.

Refrain from rubbing! This will make the liquid seep into the carpet.

Clear the area first

You will be able to navigate around your home quickly and efficiently if you clear the area that you are trying to clean. It will make your job easier and prevent your carpet washer becoming clogged.

Choose the right solution

Vax Carpet Cleaners are specifically formulated to not produce too much foam. This can block your cleaner or leave sticky residues on carpets, which can attract dirt. Our solutions can be used to address high traffic areas, remove pet odors and allergy sufferers.

Vax platinum carpet cleaning is our most efficient way to deep clean carpets and remove stubborn stains. Carpetguard protection is included to keep your carpets clean for longer.

To ensure your wool carpets are safe, make sure you look for the “Woolsafe approved” logo on your bottle. All Vax Carpet Cleaner Solutions are Woolsafe certified and suitable for delicate carpets.

First, check a small area

You should test your carpet cleaner on a small area to ensure that it doesn’t cause any damage to the carpet’s colourfastness. This can be done by your carpet supplier or manufacturer.

Pre-treat if it’s possible

Pre-treatment is a great way to get the best results for carpets that have been heavily stained, not been cleaned before, or just need extra care. The Platinum Power Max includes a pre-treatment attachment that can be used in conjunction with vax pre-treatment solution to create a fine spray to treat any mark or stain. After leaving for 15 minutes, you can continue cleaning your carpets as usual.

As other brands may differ, make sure you read and follow the instructions.

Always plan your route

Carpet cleaning should be done in the corner closest to the door. Then work your way back toward the door. This will ensure that you don’t walk on damp carpet.

Clear in overlapping straightlines

To ensure the best carpet cleaning, you should use parallel strokes to clean your carpet. You can also allow for a slight overlap to prevent streaking. Your carpet cleaner should be moved at half the speed of an upright vacuum. This will allow the rotating brushbar in Vax Carpet Cleaners to move the carpet fibers and provide deep cleaning.

Don’t over-soak

It will take longer for your carpet to dry if you soak it. However, it will be less clean afterwards. Avoid getting your carpet saturated by using more ‘dry’ strokes. Pull back the trigger and release it. Then, finish off with steady dry strokes until there is no water left.

Rinse if you can

You can use a carpet cleaner that has a ‘rinse’ mode such as the Val Platinum Power Max or Rapid Power Advance to clean the carpet. After washing the carpet with the solution, dry it.

You can also wash your upholstery and stairs

You can make your stairs and upholstery look as clean as carpets by using a carpet cleaner that comes with a hose, wash tool and a brush. You can achieve the same results with carpeted stairs, sofas, upholstered chairs and car interiors. All Vax Carpet Cleaners come equipped with a stretchhose and a wash tool.

Focus on stubborn stains

High-traffic areas such as hallways, landings, and doors, are the best to tackle with the hose and wash tools. This gives you a concentrated cleaning effect and is ideal for stubborn stains. If possible, pre-treat the affected areas and then scrub the dirt with the wash tool. Pre-treatment for oily stains can be more extensive than one application. Carpet fibres are extremely resistant to these stains.

Leave windows and doors open

You can speed up the drying time by leaving windows and doors open in summer, and heating the house on a low setting during winter. Carpets should dry in an hour if you haven’t over-soaked them.

Regular, regular, clean

Your carpets will look and smell fresher if you vacuum them every 6-8 months. This will help prolong their life span and save you money on carpet replacement. Even if you vacuum your carpet every day, it is still important to clean it frequently to keep it looking its best. This is because dirt can get trapped between the fibers and cannot be vacuumed away with your regular vacuum.

Regular cleaning will keep your carpet looking newer longer, and save you money in the long-term.


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