Top Beginner Tips for Cyclists Who Are Just Starting Out

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It can be easily understood that in the first year of your cycling hobby, you may be riddled with a few questions and also stumbling blocks as well. Even those people who have been cycling for a long time now can easily find themselves confused about one or other thing in particular. 

Even though it’s not possible to give all the important cycling guides in one article, you can expect to find all the necessary beginner tips for those who are just starting out, with the help of vintage bicycles for sale Australia services. 

The Tips For Cycle Enthusiasts Who Are Just Starting Out
  • Buying Your Bike From A Local Shop

When you buy your bike online, there’s no doubt that you’ll be saving some money. But, when you’ll be buying your bike locally, you can be sure that the bike fits you perfectly and even obtain a free servicing period on your bike as well, which will save you money later on. 

In case you’re not sure which type of bike you should be buying, then you can start off with an endurance bike, which will suit most beginners out there. If you’re into off-road traveling, you can use a bike with drop handlebars. 

  • Protecting Your Head

It has been observed that head injuries are the reason why almost 60 percent of all cyclists die on the roads. So, how do you mitigate this problem? It’s simple – just use a good quality helmet while riding a bicycle and you’re good to go. 

There are many countries in the world where there are specific helmet laws for cyclists. Even if you don’t have to wear a helmet, you still need to buy one and wear it as well.

  • Getting Comfortable With Your Bike

There are many pro-cyclists out there who have been riding their bikes for years and are therefore still trying to tweak their bikes to get the best comfortability. Having the bike fit your needs and requirements is always a never-ending work and the adjustment will depend and vary on a per-person basis. Still, you need to remember some of the basic guidelines when you’re riding for avoiding any injury.

If you want to find the ideal saddle height, you can find it placing your feet on your pedal and then measuring it from the farthest point the pedal can go. Moreover, your legs should be in a straight line when you do such a measurement. You also need to bend your elbows to get your reach to the front handlebars in the right manner. 

The reach will be right at that point when the front wheel will disappear from your view, under the front handlebars. 

  • Joining A Club For Cycling

To the untrained eyes from the outside, a cycling club might seem like a waste of time. You might think that the biking community will be the first one to point out your mistakes and will reduce your overall confidence. But, truly, that’s not the case here. 

A good cycling club with a better community will welcome you with open arms. The community will be able to help you when you’ll need or want to ask any technical questions related to cycling. Also, if you experience mechanical failures with your bike, the cycling community will be the first one to recommend to you an instant fix. 

As a community member, you also need to do your part as well and ensure that you understand the riding etiquettes of the cycling club. Even if you take some time to get accustomed to, your willingness to learn will take you a long way. 

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