Tips to Select a Private Home Care Company

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You may want to consider hiring a home care provider for your loved ones as you get older or have medical conditions. There are many private care options available today, but there are many factors you need to consider before choosing the right home care provider.

It is crucial to find the right caregiver and home care company. Below is a checklist to help you and your family make informed decisions.

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The following checklist will help you select the best home care agency for your loved ones.

Do you have a website or brochure that clearly outlines the services of your home care provider?

It is important to understand what services a company offers. Clear and transparent information should be included when reviewing company offerings. It is important to make sure that the one you choose does not over promise or under deliver.

What experience and knowledge does the owner of the company have?

Home care operators and companies often enter the market without any experience working with seniors and their families. The demand for home care services is growing, so ask why they are in this industry. Also, what do they have to offer you and your loved ones?

What is the process of creating a care plan?

Each home care company uses a different process for creating a care plan. Some are better than others. You should ensure that your chosen company offers a free, comprehensive assessment that they can complete at your home. Vytality at Home offers the most thorough home care assessments in Calgary. This may include the following: MMSE and MoCA, Lawton IADLs,PHQ-9, ZBI-12a and the Quality of Life Screen. These tools objectively measure your mood, memory and function as well as medical conditions. A home assessment should include a home environment evaluation. This will help you to stay safe at home. An extensive assessment will ensure you have all the information you need.

What are their senior home care services?

Some home care agencies provide non-medical services, while others provide full medical care. It is important that you understand your needs, what you would like to receive from private homecare and what services you can access through AHS.

What other services can the home-care company provide to ensure my safety at home?

Navigating the system can be time-consuming and costly. A great home care provider will benefit you and your loved ones by having community connections and partnerships that allow for a holistic approach to aging at home. Ask about their ability coordinate services beyond your home care requirements. These services could include Physiotherapists and Occupational Health, Massage Therapists or Pharmacists. These additional services allow clients to continue living independently in their own homes by allowing them to have all of their care needs met.

Can the caregivers or services of the home care provider be tailored to my needs (e.g. Language, gender, or cultural preferences

A wide range of language and cultural flexibility is a key feature in a home care team. This allows clients and caregivers to have a customized experience.

How can a homecare company ensure consistency among caregivers?

Most home care agencies struggle to make sure that your caregiver is consistent. Vytality at Home allows you to select your caregiver for any shift. You can have the same caregiver visit you at all times, even if your care needs are flexible.

Are caregivers bonded? Have they been through Vulnerable Sector Screens or Background checks?

Trust is essential when you allow someone to live in your home and help you in any capacity. It should be a condition of employment that all employees have been thoroughly screened, bonded, and background checked by the company.

How open is the provider of home care to feedback and communication?

It is important to be able communicate with all levels of the home-care company. Ask them if they are comfortable allowing you to communicate with the managers, owners and care team who are coming in to care for your loved one. Direct communication at all levels is rare. However, Vytality at Home Calgary has created a proprietary app that allows direct communication via text or video with caregivers while they are on-site. The app also asks for a rating after each home care visit. This allows for transparent care.

These questions will help you make an informed decision about who your home care provider is. It is important to know the background, training and credentials of someone working in home care. This will help you determine their ability to meet your needs.


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