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Tips to Care for Longer Life of Vinyl Floors!

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Today we are all looking for value for money. Every purchase we make is influenced by this idea. Especially in the context of home decor, when each aspect of the design and the materials used, can cost you a fortune. It’s not every day you build or renovate a house! So, naturally, when you do, you want nothing but the very best! That is why when choosing the best flooring option for your home, vinyl gets a lot of brownie points! Gone are the days of monotonous flooring ruled the roost; with vinyl flooring taking over the market, dynamism is the way to go with your home’s floor designs.

Vinyl is opined to be one of the best options in flooring, because it comes in thousands of variants, colours and designs. Apart from this, they don’t dig a big hole in your pocket either, and can stay with you for years to come. All these qualities of a vinyl flooring have made it the most preferred type of flooring option in all types of rooms like the kitchen, kids’ room, bedrooms, living room, etc.

How to Care For Vinyl Flooring

Once you install vinyl floors in your home, it’s your duty to care for it properly so that you can enjoy its new and attractive look for years to come. Though vinyl is very tough on stains, traffic and water, but still it’s important to follow some guidelines and take some time to care for them. After all, if your floor looks beautiful and spotless, your entire home shines like a mirror! Continue reading below on how to care for your vinyl flooring:

  • Cleaning spills on time — Vinyl flooring can be used in extreme moisture prone areas like kitchens and bathrooms too. Which make it easy preys to spills too! Remember to wipe the spills on it, so that it doesn’t stay long and fade its original colour or create an unpleasant stain on the surface.
  • Using non abrasive cleaners — Your vinyl flooring can bear a lot of traffic on it no doubt! But that can make it dirty easily too. That’s why cleaning and mopping it is needed on a daily basis. But, avoid using any harsh chemicals or cleaning agents. This can fade its colour and eventually spoil its pleasant appearance. If you think the dirt is still present, go for professional cleaning service.
  • Get it professionally cleaned occasionally— Though you may be cleaning your floors on a daily basis, but still there is a difference between regular cleaning and deep cleansing. Also, a thorough cleaning of the vinyl floor is essential in order to retain its natural shine. And this can be only done by a good professional Vinyl Flooring service provider in NZ like Vinyl Floor Polishing Services, who excel in cleaning the vinyl surfaces to restore its natural shine, and making it gleam and sparkle impressively. They also polish it if it gets faded, and even fill in the gaps between the planks when those need attention. This detailed cleaning and polishing of vinyl floors, carried out by professionals, should be done at least once a month so that your floor stays intact, almost like new, for years.
  • Sweep more but with a soft bristle brush — There can be a lot of dry dust on your floor everyday. Ensure you aren’t letting them settle in the corners and cleaning the floor regularly. But beware of using pointed or hard bristles broom on it that can create scratches on the floor making it look ugly. Soft bristled brushes are your tool for the task!
  • Floor protectors are a must — If you have chosen vinyl floor for your home, you obviously know that you expect heavy foot traffic. But still, if you put floor protectors like doormats near the bathroom door and the main entrance of the house, or carpets and rugs near the bed or sofa, it would help the vinyl to live longer in its intact condition. You are also preventing the floor from getting dirty, and hence less dull.
  •  Lift and move the furniture — We all know vinyl floors are a lot softer than the hardwood ones. That’s why if you drag the furniture on it, the sharp edge can cause scratch and tear on it. Better lift your furniture when you want to move them so that your floor doesn’t get damaged.

Vinyl floors have this property of staying intact for years if they aren’t subjected to extreme wear or neglect. And if you follow the above guidelines well, the floors won’t be harmed, and you can enjoy them for decades!

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