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Tips for Persian rug maintenance and cleaning

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Are you a Persian rug owner or an Asian rug owner? This blog will cover cleaning a Persian rug and provide some maintenance tips.

Hand-knotted Persian carpets, which are generally made from wool or silk, have dense weavings of threads and are very delicate. Even though your carpet might be easy to clean, cleaning it requires expertise.

Are Persian rugs difficult to clean?

Professional carpet cleaners are best for cleaning these beautiful rugs. If you have to, however, you can clean your Persian rug using cold water (some people use snow) or a neutral pH liquid cleaner. You should avoid using hot water or strong chemicals. Remember that carpet cleaning should always be done in the direction the fibres are facing and without any scrubbing. It is a good idea to clean one square foot at a time.

How can I tell if my Persian rug has value?

A Persian rug that is 100% hand-knotted has a high chance of being authentic. It should match the pattern of the rug’s underside and top. You can check both sides easily since there is no backing.

The knots and colours on the top should reach the base of each tuft. If they reached each tuft’s base, your rug was likely handcrafted. Machine-made Persian rugs can be more expensive than handcrafted Persian rugs.

Another indicator is the 120-knot density of a high-quality rug. Although Persian carpet prices can be high, they are durable and can last a lifetime if taken care of properly.

How frequently should Persian rugs need to be cleaned?

According to the amount of foot traffic and soiling, professional rug cleaners recommend that a thorough cleaning be done every one to three years. If the carpet is used in high-traffic areas, it may be worth cleaning every six months.

You can easily check if your carpet has dust by brushing its fibres for a few seconds. If dust is flying from your Persian rug, you need deep cleaning.

Professional cleaning is recommended for your rug. You may not achieve the desired result at home and could even damage the carpet fibres.

How can professionals clean Persian or Oriental rugs?

The carpet cleaning professionals have the experience and expertise to handle this delicate piece of home decor. To remove most of the dirt, rugs should be pounded. The carpet’s material is then treated with the appropriate stain removers.

The carpet material will determine if the professional should clean it by hand-washing or dry-cleaning. To remove excess moisture, the carpets are air-dried.




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