This is how you can have an epic girls night out

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Gone are those days when only men could have all the fun! In today’s time, girls do not even need a man to have some gala time – she can have a blast with her girl-buddies. In fact, some of the most cherished moments of my life have been spent with my friends – laughing, talking about anything under the sun, being silly, getting drunk, and dancing to glory.

You can spend hours with your friends without doing anything, and just being yourself. Isn’t that the best part of girls’ night outs? No one is glaring at you, or trying to judge you for what you are, or trying to weigh how drunk you are, or how badly you move your body!

You can obviously have house parties with friends, but if you are in Sydney, you must not miss out the fun of the city at night. As the night sets, the city changes its morning dress and starts getting ready for the nocturnal and ensures that there is something for each one – from partying with your friends to visiting locations to appreciate the arts, pick your venues and have a blast.

A typical hens party in Sydney starts with extravaganza planning, some mind-blowing make-up, photo shoots (which continues till the last minute before you pass out), dancing till the heel breaks, and passing out. If you have not done anyone these, then I would suggest a list for you and do not stop till you have put a tick beside each.

Shopping and planning

Shopping is an integral part of the planning. The moment the texts are sent, and the date is finalized, the next date that needs to be fixed is the shopping date. After all, a girls night out is the time when you can flaunt yourself and be the heartthrob of a club. So, why not go out with your friends and buy yourself the sexiest dresses in the town?

Pack up and meet

Pack your bags ladies and meet at a place where you can spend hours in front of the mirror without any disturbance. Sip some wine and munch on some light snacks, prepare yourself wholly for the night that awaits you. It so commonly happens that in spite of packing the choicest dresses, you land up wearing your friend’s halter-neck – it’s perfectly fine because after all, that makes the girls who stick together.

The ride to the club

The trip to the club is the time to set the mood. You might try to sneak a few drinks, while your mind races to make a mental budget on how many drinks you can afford at the club, and how many more you need to astutely steal to add on to the list of epic girls’ night out.

The dance moves

You must have gone out so many times together that you already have a few dance moves to sway together and encourage others too to join in with you.

The party truly starts from the moment the gang of girls enter the club and steals the glances of all. And it continues throughout the night with each dance moves and shots of vodka.

In between the party, do not forget to the bathroom selfies each time you or your friend rushes to release herself.

More drinks

After all the dance and the drinks, when you finally start getting into the groove, it’s almost time to leave the club. So, what? You can still spend some time in your car or at home to finish the remaining bottles until the moment you go out.

The passing out

Now, comes the best part of girls’ night out when you promise it to be the last time, and invariably forget the next weekend – at least one of you puke out all the food and drinks that you have stuffed.

Photo shoots and selfies

It starts with the planning and ends before passing out.

Happy partying ladies!


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