These are the 11 drink trends that will dominate 2022

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2021 was the year you found your favorite to-go Negroni cocktail or juice-pouch cocktail. 2022 was all about getting up and enjoying a professionally-made drink. These are the top cocktail trends of 2018, whether it was an Espresso Martini after a long night out or noticing low-proof cocktails on bar menus all across the country.

Tea Time Meets Happy Hour

Many of our favorite cocktails were made with tea, a simple and essential ingredient in a year where maximalism was celebrated across the menu. Tea can be mixed directly with cocktails or infused with spirits to create complex flavors that bartenders can use as much as they like. Martiny’s is a Japanese-style cocktail bar in NYC. Bartenders combine warm Chai and brown butter-washed whisky for their Potter’s Old Fashioned. They also blend matcha with Nikka Coffey grain Whiskey and coconut waters for their bright-green cocktail Tea Ceremony. In the Vintage Paloma cocktail, the spiced flavors of Chai are combined with grapefruit and smoky Mezcal. This is a unique variation of the classic Manhattan cocktail at NYC’s Junoon. Mixing amaretto with Earl Grey tea fragrance and citrus and bergamot at Bar the Record San Francisco, you will find Bourbon and Jameson Orange.

It is also making its way onto cocktail menus in countries other than the U.S. Alquimco in Cartagena offers the Te Caribeno, a gin cocktail infused with green tea. Adare Manor, in Ireland, serves a limited-run milk punch containing rooibos. Tea is the bartender’s Swiss army knife, able to impart earthy, sweet, and floral notes.

Miniature Drinks

Mini cocktails should not be confused with the typical college bar shot. They are more than just consuming an ounce and a half of whiskey or Tequila. Newly reopened NYC dive bar Milady’s offers “cheeky” or three-ounce pour Martinis. While Portland’s Crispy Gai serves up a perfectly tiny, delicious, and refreshing daiquiri, The miniature drink trend is about discovery and inclusion. Customers can try a cocktail’s new ingredients without committing to a full drink. Those who want to reduce their alcohol intake can still enjoy the mini-drink trend.


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