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A List of Questions Your Painters Could Do With at the Time of Home Renovations!

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So, you finally thought to give your home a new look? Wouldn’t it be just great to add a new essence to your old and beloved home? Of course, you’d be too dreamy about this whole matter and can even envisage your renovated beautiful house by now. But what about the stress that goes with it? The renovations won’t just happen by a clap of hand, or there won’t be a genie getting your wish come true. You’ll have to handle everything on your own — and that too for days — for a new twist in your present home.

Home renovation is a lengthy and tough process. There’s lot to be checked and managed in this period of renovating. You’ll have to contact the best architect, the best carpentry service, an intelligent electrician, experienced plumber and a great painter for the same. Without them, the specific tasks would be impossible. And choosing the best amongst the rest isn’t easy. Especially a painter! The final finished look of your home depends upon the extraordinary work of your painter. And it’s crucial to inquire about this service in detail before you appoint them for the task.

List of questions you could ask your painters when hiring for home renovations! 

Nothing would come served on a plate to you! Not good painters for sure. And it’s really important to select the best services to hire during your house renovation. Kowhai Painters and Renovators are an award winning team with lots of experience in creating magical spaces for you. And in order to find out if the painting service you are hiring is good, you can always ask them the following questions.

  1.   How much do you charge? — Money is essential. Everything happens according to a budget in home renovations and thus knowing the quote helps a lot.
  1.   Are you qualified and experienced? — Compatibility is essential and that can be tested through their education and the past work experience. Ask for the proof of the same.
  1.   How long would the work take? — Get an estimated time to ensure you are prepared for that much time with the workers at home.
  1.   Are you insured? — Insurance of a company saves you from financial charges if something unfortunate happens to the workers on your site.
  1.   Can I trust your crew? — You are letting the workers enter your home, your private space. It’s your right to know if they are reliable enough to be appointed for the task.
  1.   What quality of paint and other equipment would you use? — Knowing the quality of materials is key before appointing them for the job. You’ll obviously require a great, long lasting paint for your home.
  1. What are the inclusions in your quote? — Ask them what’s included in their quotes. Does it include only painting or there’s scraping of previous paint and filling the gaps included too?
  1. Do you provide any guarantee of your work? — It’s essential that a painting service provides a guarantee of a few months or a year. You can call for them if any damage happens within this period.

 The company that answers most of the above question positively and satisfies you — just hire them and start with an admirable renovation in your little heaven.


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