The Day The Blogger Died

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I’m feeling pensive, and the contemplative nature of that song seems to fit. I took this photo, of the crescent moon high above the treetops, as the sun was just rising, casting a rosy glow across the skyscape, on January 24, the day my original blog died. It sat in the camera until Valentine’s day, when I snapped a few pictures of Daughter’s first rose from a boy. I unloaded it to the computer along with the flower photos, but was still in mourning/denial, and couldn’t bear to look at it until now. I am reconciled to the death of the original blog, Digital Doorway now that another moon has passed, and decided it was time to renew myself as well. I apologize for not posting much, or visiting my regulars readers of late, as I have been in the throes of writing, editing and forcing myself to learn new technologies so I may join the hallowed ranks of “published authors”. It is frustrating, time consuming and humbling.

I hear the clarion call of, “Come to the dark side”. No, I’m not turning evil. I am debating book covers. Which do you like better…dark background with light text, or light background with dark text? I’ve faced so many style questions I am going batty. I had no headers, only page numbers at first, then spent hours learning how to insert a header in Word. my “header” needs an aspirin . Do you, as a reader, prefer a chapter title that is centered or left justified? Do you think the chapter title should start halfway down the page, followed by a small amount of spaces (say two lines) then the text begins? Or chapter title higher (like a quarter of the way down the page), greater amount of space before text begins at say, center of page? Or chapter title top, lots of space, then text begins halfway down the page? I’ve tried all three and am damn near blind form staring at them in comparison. Do you wish I’d just tell jokes and knock it off with all this boring, self-indulgent nonsense?  I apologize (yet again – I am a serial apologist I fear) for the lack of humor in this post. All this techno-nonsense has wrung all the funny out of me. I hope all of you are doing well, and I send love and good wishes your way!

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