The A-Team: Corporate team building ideas that actually work

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Team building events play a crucial part in maintaining the company’s overall health. Corporate team building activities can be a helpful tactic from elevating the performance to facilitate the personal growth of an organization. It acts as an efficient tool to level up the chemistry of the workforce.

What is a team building event?

Team building events primarily target the employees as their main audience. The aim of these events is to increase communication and collaborate with fellow teammates. Team building events are majorly popular in places where the team has achieved a milestone or has achieved something. Team building can spark new relationships and also create everlasting friendships. So, here are a set of ideas to enhance the team building in your organization:

Cook-off: This is a culinary team building exercise. This exercise is all about creating new and exciting dishes and sharing it amongst your teammates. Creating new recipes for dishes require creativity and team effort. You can divide yourselves into teams and have a variety of dishes set up for your lunch or dinner. The dish can vary from ice cream to pizza. The choice depends on you.

Escape Rooms: Escape rooms are great for bonding. It requires leadership skills, logic, patience, and teamwork. In the escape room, you and your team will be given a set of identities and puzzles. You will have to solve the puzzles in order to leave the room. These escape room exercises have become popular for people all around the globe. You can even use the help of agencies which specialize in conducting these events for your colleagues. The themes which are added to the escape rooms create more enthusiasm in the players. Escape rooms provide a break from the usual workplace activity. Through escape rooms, it will be easy to assess the mindsets of the individuals and keep track of their skills. Escape rooms can create an interesting environment to keep the players’ minds and skills sharp at all times.

Scavenger Hunt: Fix a perfect date, break your team into groups, and organize a scavenger hunt around the city. The whole team will have a nice feeling and they will feel rejuvenated after catching some fresh air and challenges. You can even click some pictures to remember these amazing times spent together.

Board game Tournaments: Board game tournaments are the best ways to spark the competitive minds of the employees without having to leave the office. You can organize a board tournament between the teams. Games like Jenga, Boggle, and other team play cards can take the fun to a whole new level. You can even prepare a proper time schedule and conduct a tournament. Try to monetize the tournament to spice it up. Once the team gets obsessed with tournaments, it will turn into a ritual conducting tournaments every now and then. If every department gets involved in the tournament, it would be a great chance to meet unknown people from the whole organization.

Karaoke night: This is probably the best way to reduce stress levels and engage in karaoke sessions. The employees can come out of their shells and happily enjoy a night with their colleagues. Try getting to enhance the tournament by creating a theme and costumes. By doing karaoke sessions, you will be able to gain more confidence and the ability to socialize with the other colleagues.

Laser tag: This is a great way to pump up your team for the upcoming challenges. In laser tag, players tag people of the opposite team to gain points. It helps in maintaining the fitness and the endurance of the employees. A good game of laser tag can boost your adrenaline and can be great fun. Not only it is fun, but it is also an opportunity for the workers to improve their teamwork and the communication skills can be enhanced.


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