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In-depth Cleaning Techniques for Proper Rug Fabric Maintenance

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Caring for rugs is important. These can be your best home accessory possessions. You have to care for them just like you do for your wooden floors. Proper maintenance will ensure that you may use it for many years ahead.

Your regular wash and cleaning are certainly important. You have to implement the right technique when performing this task. You can search online for information related to rug fabric protection. It is also better to follow the advice given out by professional rug cleaning services – from time to time.

The fiber may easily get damaged if you have been using the same rug over and over again. So you should try and implement preventive cleaning techniques

Always Vacuum Regularly

If you have rugs installed on the floor then you are very much used to vacuuming tasks. For quality and expensive rugs, it is advisable to vacuum daily if possible. High suction powered vacuum can be set to medium suction power when performing this task.

High PSI may easily damage the fiber from the fabric. This has to be avoided. You should try and set the PSI to medium power before using it. try and vacuum daily so the dust and debris do not get accumulated in the fiber.


One most convenient way to protect the rugs is to make use of doormats. This will offer benefits as it will soak up excess mud and debris. Doormats are more functional for reducing dust and debris entrance indoors.

You can try and place a thick fabric styled doormat nearby to the main entrance. Do not allow shoes on top of the rug if you want it to be long-lasting and clean. Besides it is much easier to clean and dust mats as compared to dusting rugs.

Avoid Spills

Spills under all circumstances should always be avoided. The moment a spill happens you should immediately treat it. Tea and coffee spills are never easy to treat. You may have to wash the entire area of the rug. For water spills, you will have to dry the rug outside in natural sunlight.

People often try and make use of a heating device to treat wet rugs. This is not advisable as it will further damage the fabric material.

Use Stain Removal Techniques

Rugs may develop dust and debris stains very often. It means you will have to make use of the best rug shampoo to treat them. You should focus on selecting one that is clinically proven formulation. Always check with its effects on the type of rug you are using.

If you have a very fluffy rug installed in your home, then a mild shampoo cleaning agent is the best option. All types of stains can easily be treated if you are using proper materials. For heavy rugs, you should make use of light bristle brush to remove stains.

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