Top Ways to Encourage Team Building Through a Bowling Event

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Bowling is one of those activities that interest most of the people. That majority most certainly includes your coworkers and employees as well. Thus a bowling event is one of the safest choices to make for your next corporate event. It is easy to make your event concept revolve around bowling and encourage team building at the same time. 

This article aims to introduce you to the activities you can incorporate in your next bowling event and encourage team building and cohesiveness among the participating coworkers. 

Three ideas to incorporate in the team-building bowling event

Bowling events can prove to be a launching pad for paving a way towards a more cohesive and friendly team in the workplace. You can incorporate a number of activities for fruitful results in this regard. Some of those activities are listed below:

  • Bowling poker

Give your employees a chance to team up and play a poker hand. Let them decide who they want to team up with for this endeavor. When the people are done with making teams with four members each, of their choice, you will need to provide every competing pair of teams with a deck of cards. Now every team will bowl off against the opponent and, as a result, get a playing card. 

After scoring a frame while bowling, a player will get the chance to select cards from the deck according to his/her score in the frame. Select two cards for a strike and one card for a spare. For every 7-10 split, you can select one card. And if the 7 or 10 pins remain standing alone, you have to select one card. 

  • Bowling bingo 

Bowling bingo is another activity that helps pave the way for an increased level of collaboration and ease of interaction among the teammates. Bowling is a game of intense pressure for scoring higher than the opponent. An amalgam of bingo with bowling can help relieve the level of pressure involved in the activity. 

You will have to provide each team with a bingo card with a 5×5 grid drawn over it. The grid is empty initially, and then you fill the boxes with different milestones related to bowling games. The teams will keep ticking the milestones as they achieve them. You decide what should be the final milestones to determine that a team, when achieves it, wins. It can be filling the four corners or forming an alphabet first with the crosses.   

  • Funky bowling

Funky bowling can provide a leeway for the teammates to perform a silly thing as prescribed while bowling. You can list down ten such activities and assign everyone with one of those while they bowl. You may even ask them to say something about themselves that their coworkers do not know about them.

This will provide for a good chance to let your team members share lighter moments and spend some friendly time together. You can employ many fun-filled ideas to make bowling less intense and more entertaining. In this way, you will be able to make the team members and coworkers extend their personal as well as professional relationships. Amidst all of this, the teams will keep on rotating the frame. 

Seek professional help for successful event management!

Every corporate event has a set of objectives that pave the way for its planning and organization. You, as the event owner, know what you want your event to look like. No matter how good your ideas are, and how creatively you have been thinking about your next event, you cannot arrange the event without the help of a planning professional.

Get in touch with one of the best companies for Corporate events planning in Dubai and materialize your team building goals. Once you have left the planning and execution of the event to the professionals, only then can you in the true sense of the word, keep your mind composed, and let the creative ideas coming in.  

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