Tarot for Beginners: Tarot Tips, Tricks, and Secrets to Know

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These tarot tips and tricks will inspire you to learn the Tarot.

Tarot cards can be used to connect with your higher self. They are fascinating, entertaining, and magical. Learning tarot can be overwhelming if you’re new to the game. You need to be able to read and understand the meanings of each card as well as how to use them.

I love tarot and have been using them for more than 25 years. This is why I felt compelled to write this article, sharing my top tarot tips and original tarot quotes and answers to common tarot questions.

This article is a reflection of my tarot wisdom. Use what resonates for you. These tips will inspire you to look at your tarot cards differently.

What is the working principle of tarot?

You are the source of all information in a tarot card reading. By pulling a card you are revealing your wisdom. You are your subconscious. You are the one who will be revealed. You are the key.

The cards reveal a larger, more expansive version you. You are not only the you you know, but also your higher self, future self and past self. Sometimes, even a parallel-timeline version of you.

Tarot cards can be used to divinate, which means they can be used for communication with the Divine. This, again, is you. You are divine.

Spirit angels and energies are extensions of your divine self. They are your higher self. These energies may be allowed to help you with your tarot card reading by your higher self.

Retrospect is a great place to use Tarot cards.

You don’t always get the meaning of the cards that you draw until later.

For instance, I don’t know how many times I flipped the Queen of Swords upside-down during the winter 2019-spring 2020. This card was my favorite for months.

The Queen of Swords, upside-down, is a woman who is untrusting and unkind. This made me wonder if it was a part of me. It was someone I knew. It was a foe and not a friend that I never imagined would turn on me. It was shocking! I was shocked!

Sometimes tarot cards don’t work.

Your mindset can often cause your tarot cards to stop working. The cards might not work if you feel anxious, disoriented, or depressed. Your energy may be blocked in these emotional/mental states. Fear is subconsciously trying to control the reading.

Your tarot card may not be able to answer your question if it is unknowable/unseeable at that time.

Sometimes you may not be able to get an accurate reading. This is because you (remember it all comes down to you) don’t have any insight or intuition. None of this information exists from your higher self or future self or any other aspect or your conscious or subconscious self.

(and I feel strongly enough about it to make a tarot quote for Pinterest) There are times when future timelines are more clear/stable, and when future timelines are evolving/forming so spontaneously/rapidly that we simply cannot know the answer to our question/s.

Will a negative tarot reading come true?

Negative information in the tarot can be accurate at times, but you don’t have to give up. Tarot readings are not guaranteed to be accurate because the future is unpredictable.

Many things can change between the reading and the time following a reading. The reading can also provide new insight that can change the outcome. Nothing is permanent, definitive, or static. You have more power than your timelines may allow.

Here are some tips to improve the accuracy of your tarot card readings

Tarot card accuracy can vary from one person to the next. Tarot accuracy depends on many factors, including the level of intimacy between the reader and the cards, their mindset, and the reader’s energy. Let’s talk about how to ensure accurate tarot card readings.

Tip #1 – Get connected with your tarot cards

There are many ways you can connect with your tarot card cards. Think of “connecting with your cards” as pouring your emotional/mental/psychic energy into the cards.

Keep your cards in check

Holding your cards is the best way to go. You can also shuffle the cards, feel them and observe how they look. You will get to know them as objects and be able to feel their sensations.

Magic energy:

If you feel the call to do so, your cards can be placed in the sun or under the moon. You can place your crystals around them or make an altar out of them. You can use whatever method you like to increase your sense of magic or divinity.

Use companion material

A companion book can help you get to know your cards. You can also use the mini-booklet that most decks include. Companion material is a way to bridge the gap between you and your cards. It allows you to communicate more deeply. Companion material aids your intuition. You should have some knowledge of the meanings of the cards to be able to use your intuition.

Tip #2 – Remove distractions

You can create a private space to read in that is free from outside distractions. To calm your mind if your mind is racing, you can journal or meditate for a few moments. Reading can be affected if you have too many distractions.

Tip #3: Use props

You can use crystals, sage or any other physical props if you need to strengthen your energy connection while selecting your cards and shuffling. These are optional, but they can feel empowering.

Tip #4: Set your intentions

You can affirm to your spirit guides, God, God, or anyone else that you are serious about asking a question. Next, think about your question. “Feel” your question as you shuffle your deck. You can find more information in the section below.

How to move your tarot cards:

There are no wrong or right ways to shuffle your deck from a physical perspective. It doesn’t matter how many times your deck is shuffled. You can shuffle for as little as a few seconds or as long as you want, but I wouldn’t recommend doing it forever. Do it!

An energetic tip is the key tip to shuffling. You must “feel” your question into the deck.

This is my favorite tip for accuracy in tarot. Let me explain.

Let yourself feel all sides of the question as you shuffle your cards and lay them out. What does that mean? What are the “sides” of the question? They could be the pain or solution you seek, the way it feels, and your feelings about the answer. The cards will be more effective if you focus on the emotional feeling energy behind your question.

Visualize your tarot query as a multifaceted 3d object, such as a Spheroid. This is a bizarre tarot quote. You will feel what I am trying to convey. Each question is essentially a combination of many emotions when you consider the whole picture.

After you have laid your cards on their sides, you can begin to select the cards you want for your reading. Side note: I recommend that you fan your cards in a U-shape.

How do you choose the right tarot cards?

Two intuitive techniques I use to choose the tarot cards I pull: “quick sight” and “blind feeling.”

Trick #1 – Quick sight selection

It works exactly as it sounds. You choose your cards quickly and decisively based upon which cards you are most drawn to. It is important not to second-guess. You don’t have to second guess. Simply pick the card you see first and place them in your spread.

Trick #2 – Blind Feel Selection

After you have spread your cards, close your eyes and wave both your hands at the cards. You can feel the energy in your hands, and then you can choose the cards that appeal to you.

These card selection techniques can be used while your cards are still in hand after shuffling. This means that you can choose your cards in this manner before fanning them out. Fanning allows you to feel and see every card more clearly.

Trick #3 – Pulling from the Top

You might choose to shuffle your deck of tarot cards and then pull your cards from the top of your stack.

How to correctly turn your cards

After you have selected all of your cards and placed them, flip each one over. Flip each card over to avoid them being reversed (and thus the meaning changing). You probably already know this is a tarot tip, but I thought I would share it with you.

The secret to rouge tarot card cards

Take note of any tarot cards that fly out of your hands while you’re shuffling, fanning, or at other times. It is not a random card, it is there for a reason. You need to read it! These messages are a little more magical to me, perhaps they come from my guides or spirit world.

Similar to the previous example, if a card is lost from the deck, flipped up while the rest are still down, or stands out, it should be considered a message. This is a tarot quote that I hope you will share with others.

What is the best time to wait between tarot cards?

Some people read their cards every day. For example, 1-3 cards per day. Others, however, are more frequent.

It is up to you how long you wait between readings. I would recommend waiting at least seven days between readings. Particularly if you have the same question. This tip is because I use the Celtic spread method, which involves 10 cards.

You won’t get an accurate answer if you ask the same question to your cards day after day. You will get a muddy result from your anxiety, urgency, and need for control.

This brings us to another important point.

What is the life expectancy of a tarot card reading?

You can keep your cards in your hand if you read them regularly (e.g., once per month). The information from your last reading will be valid until your next reading when you may have new information.

If I have a question about healing a marriage, the information in my cards will apply until either of them:

  1. I have solved my question/problem.
  2. Or until I have read the cards again about the same question (say, one week later).

This is my rule of thumb. Because most questions/problems become irrelevant over time. It is important to have an intuitive idea of the message’s usefulness because you don’t know when you will be using your cards next. This tip can be taken with a larger grain of salt than others. It’s just what makes intuitive sense to me.

Do I allow other people to touch my tarot card cards?

It’s fine for most people to touch your cards. If I was doing a reading for someone else I would ask them to shuffle my cards. Then, place the cards in a fan to pick their cards. I wouldn’t shuffle the cards and choose for that person.

I prefer this because I believe that the person receiving the reading should infuse their energy by shuffling and holding the cards. Some psychics and tarot reader feel quite the opposite. Some prefer to shuffle the cards and choose the right ones for their clients.

I believe that once you feel confident as a reader, and have a strong connection with your cards, there is no way to break that bond. (Except for the possibility that someone is maliciously and deliberately evil. This would be very rare.

I would suggest that you cleanse your cards after letting someone handle your cards.


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