Skills on Wheels that would give your Teens an Adrenaline Rush!

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Teens nowadays are stuck in their smartphones! Getting them to learn something new and exciting has become slightly difficult.  They are so much stuck in the virtual world that making them walk on earth is becoming next to impossible. This is the one thing that is stressing parents of today’s teens. Researchers are constantly warning parents about the wrath of too much screen time. But how to find a solution? The trick is to engage them in something they shall enjoy! Once they enjoy the activity, they shall get hooked to it. 

Have you realised that you had many friends in the neighbourhood, but your teen doesn’t? Although may be her/his Social Media profiles list hundreds of friends! Have you ever pondered that your teen may be very clever in cracking codes in the computer, but often falters at simple everyday responsibilities? It is time you acted to plant their feet firmly on the ground. But adolescence is also the age when you simply cannot force anything on your ward. Solution? Luring them with activities that would excite them!  

Some Spins on Wheels that your Teen Would

A healthy and stable lifestyle demands lots of exposure to the outdoors. Especially during their teens, they have to be super active and efficient too. After all, this would eventually lead them to become self sufficient and independent, and lead a healthy lifestyle. How many teens do you know who are not fascinated by cars and bikes? None, we are sure! Cash this attraction and make them hit the road.

  • Cycling —Cycling can be called the best exercise for a fit and healthy life. Everyone should cycle at least for an hour daily to make sure that the body feels active and muscles are fine. Most of the kids learn cycling at a very early stage of their life, but if your child hasn’t learnt it yet, you can have them learn this at their teens too. A daily session for just a week in the local park can make them proficient in cycling. This can come handy in their life, as they would be staying fit because of it. Also, they can use the bikes for conveyance too. It is eco- friendly riding gear and most of the youngsters are using the same as their means of transport to save the environment. Many university campuses encourage their students (and even professors) to cycle within their huge perimeters.
  • Driving — When your kids have crossed the legal age for driving, it’s essential to enrol them in a good driving school in Dandenong. Your Local Driving Academy is a really commendable driving school priding to be the best in the city. They have some amazing teachers having excellent knowledge of the latest techniques of driving. Training your teens in driving makes them ready for the future, as they can choose even a work that’s far from home. They can easily commute on their own for it. Apart from it, they can even take up careers related to driving (like delivery services, police and detective, locomotive engineering, emergency care and paramedics etc.), and make it a source for their bread and butter.
  • Skating —Skating is a kind of sports and outdoor activity which can be really a stress buster. If your kid is trained in the same, they can feel the wind beneath their wings whenever they feel a little low or under the weather. It can also help them release the work pressure in the future, and induce some fun element in life. If your teen can get certificates and licenses in skating, she/he  can even take it as a career (teaching skating to kids) or enter the competitive world of sports (think of Olympics!).
  • Motorcycle Training — Motorcycle training is another fancy that most teens have! With proper gears and a smart bike, they often feel like a hero. This one becomes much easier if your kid already has knowledge of cycling. But make sure all safety features are adhered to. There are many bikers’ clubs around the globe – and along with making friends and enjoying a hobby, they can also go out for adventures. Many careers also require this skill – security personnel, delivery jobs, paramedics are just a few to name.

As your teen shall grow up, she/he would appreciate the effort you made to not only impart some skills, but also build their social flair, team building aptitude, ability to work in a group, leadership prowess – not to mention the fact that they shall also make lifelong (real) friends (and not mere virtual ones!). 

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