Three Steps To Selecting The Perfect Chef Knives

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When you visit a restaurant and you love the food, you compliment the chef but a chef complements his or her knives for that because a chef does what he or she does because of their knives. But choosing the right knife can be a tricky task if you are relatively new in the business and you don’t know the basics of selecting a knife. Well, knives were earlier a simple tool to cut the vegetables and fruits but now they have become a serious gadget for those who cook. Read on to know how you can get a good set of knife and what can be the constraints of choosing the right knife.

  1. Ease of Cutting

Ease of cutting of comfort while chopping is one of the primary requirements you expect from your knife like a chef. Any Leading Knife Vendor would suggest you purchase a knife that has a huge handle if you have big hands. This way, you will be comfortable and quick while using the knife. However, the large handle should be accompanied by an equally large blade and that must not trouble you and cut your knuckles while working on the chopping board. Another quick tip for choosing knives based on comfort is that knives should fit your hands properly, not a bigger one nor smaller.

  1. Nimble

Being a chef, you need to keep cutting things for hours, which means that you need a knife that has a perfectly balanced body. When you use a knife that is nimbler, your hands will not get tired. Expert cooks working in a five-star kitchen suggest that Chef Knives in NZ are their best friends and to establish this relationship with the knife, it must be lightweight and balanced on all ends. At the end of the day, a balanced and nimble knife will give you less exhaustion and you will be able to work faster. Moreover, a knife that is heavy and works as a showpiece makes you tired and disturbs your flow of cutting due to its weight. 

  1. Blade Substance

The last concern of yours as a chef while selecting the knife is the blade material. The market offers two chief materials in chef knives and they are stainless steel and high-carbon steel. Both the materials come with their pros and cons, so you need to choose what you deem is perfect for your job. Stainless steel knives are durable, they do not get hewn easily, but do not offer a sharp edge while sharpening. Conversely, high-carbon steel offers probably the best edge while honed and is one of the sharpest, but it comes with an easy brittleness. They are prone to chipping and can rust quickly. Hence, based on your kitchen requirements, choose the material accordingly.


Choosing the right knife is crucial for any chef, so make sure you don’t make any mistakes in this selection.       

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