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Roof Painting Cost Guide For Auckland Homes By Superior Painters

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Your roof is your home’s main visual focal point and can impact how it is perceived. A beautifully painted roof will increase the value of your Auckland house and make it stand apart from the rest. Roofs provide the best protection for your home so it is important to maintain them in top condition. A top-quality paint coat can improve your home’s durability and clean and restore your roof.

What is the average price of painting a roof in Auckland, New Zealand?

We will first need to assess the project’s scope by visiting your home. Our dedicated project manager will walk through your home to determine the extent of work required to begin the painting process.

Superior Painters believes it’s not worth painting a roof if it hasn’t been properly cleaned and prepared.

Our project manager will assess the condition of your roof and suggest the best way to approach your painting project. There are no two roofs the same, so cleaning requirements may differ from one house to another.

Although it may be tempting to jump-start the project yourself, we recommend that you leave the roof cleaning and prep work to trained professionals. Safety procedures are important and should not be ignored.

Have a look at our Roof Painting Cost Calculator.

We have created a roof painting cost calculator to assist those considering painting.

Roof painting and roof restoration costs depend on the size of your roof and its current condition. Quality can vary depending on the experience and type of material used.

Many roof types can be painted such as:

  • Tile roofs
  • Wooden roofs,
  • Concrete roofs,
  • Colorbond and other metal roofs

How does the average roof painting cost in Auckland, NZ affect?

The average cost to paint a roof in Auckland, NZ, depends on many factors. We have learned about house painting that every project is different. Many factors can affect the cost of painting a roof. Here are some questions to ask before we give you a quote.

  • Your roof size may seem obvious, but it is surprising how many building owners make a mistake based on different sized properties. While larger roofs can make painting more efficient, this shouldn’t be taken as a given. When quoting, your painter will first consider the size of your roof. A larger roof area usually means higher costs.
  • Your roof type will determine the average cost to paint a roof in Auckland. Many roof types, including metal, tiled, and corrugated iron. This is the most common type of roof in Auckland. You can see them on commercial buildings. Different roof types require different paint. Your painter should also consider your roof type when estimating the average cost.
  • Materials –Painting roofs is a complex process. Roofs are exposed to various weather elements so we recommend choosing a higher quality paint. This will ensure that your roof lasts for many years. You can choose a paint that has UV protection to prevent your roof from fading too quickly. Although it is more costly, this type of paint will last longer and be less expensive.
  • How is the roof’s current condition? Certain roofs may require additional preparation or priming before coatings can be applied. It is important to inspect the roof’s condition before getting an estimate. To prepare a roof for painting, we have used alkyd primers, double water blasting and hand preparation. To ensure a lasting paint job, it is important to make sure the roof is in its best condition before you apply paint.
  • How steep is your roof’s angle? When measuring your roof, consider how steeply angled it is. This will increase the roof’s overall surface area. Extreme angles can make it more difficult and require more access, affecting the price. You should also consider other factors when costing and timing a roof painting project.

Did You Know?

Spraying roof painting is the industry standard. This method provides a uniform coating and a clean finish, superior to hand brushing and rolling. It is also more economical than rolling and brushing.

3 Important Tips for Roof Painting

Roof painting is an excellent home improvement project because the roof provides the ultimate protection for the house. Roof painting protects your home from the elements and makes a big visual impact on your house and can change its overall appearance. These are the things you need to remember if your roof is in dire need of a professional color change.

Hire an expert

Roof painting may sound like a simple DIY project. However, there are more to the job than meets the eye. Roof painting is not only dangerous, but requires certain safety precautions that should never be ignored. As tempting as DIY projects may seem, professionals are recommended for roof painting. Superior roof painters in auckland has years of experience with all types of roofs and can deliver flawless results in a short time. We have the expertise to evaluate any roof painting job, and deliver long-lasting results that will make your roof look new.

Clean the roof’s surface

Roof painting in Auckland is a process that can vary depending on the material and type of roof. No matter the type of roof, you must clean it thoroughly before applying paint. If your roof is not properly cleaned, it can lead to leakages which could cause damage to the structure of your Auckland home. We will inspect your roof and use professional equipment to clean it. Many cleaning requirements can be applied to a roof. We will use different tools for each project.

The right paint choice for your roof

You should ensure that you use the correct paint for the type of roof material. Many roof types, including metal, corrugated steel, and tray. Each type requires a different paint. There are many options for proof painting Auckland. You will have to choose what works best for you. Water-based roofing paints work best on cement tiles or shingle roofs. Oil-based paints work best for iron roofs. Not all paints can be used to make drinking water. Ask your local store representative for advice if rainwater is collected from your roof. To achieve long-lasting, peel-free results, we recommend Aucklanders use high-quality paint.

Water-based roofing paints are the best for cement tiled roofs or shingle roofs. However, other paints are not suitable to be used with drinking water. If you collect rainwater from your roof, ask before buying your paint.

I prefer oil-based roofing paints for collecting rainwater, but I would not paint cement tiles with oil-based paint. Oil-based roofing paints work best on iron roofs. If the roof is old or rusty, it will help to keep the rust away. Iron roofs can be painted with water-based paints, but it is important to treat any rust well. Otherwise, it could reappear soon after painting.

Tips and Advice

  • If the roof color is faded, or if tiles appear dry, a base coat is required
  • An undercoat (base coat) is recommended to apply to older roofs before applying two topcoats for finishing.
  • Before you paint, ensure that the right base coat is chosen. Different roofing types require different bases. Metal primer is used to treat rust and prevent rust from corroding newly painted roofs.

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