Travel Tested – 4 Essentials To Add To Your Road Trip Packing List

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Road trips are the bread and butter of happy times, whether you’re a family or a group of friends. These days, technological advances make it easier and safer to enjoy an adventure off the beaten track. You can map out your journey with far greater ease thanks to Google Maps, and with sites like TripAdvisor, you can plan your stops ahead of time. Prepared though you may be, adventures often take an unexpected turn. These 4 essentials will ensure you’re ready to tackle whatever the open road throws at you. 

  1. Emergency Medical Kit

An emergency medical kit does not mean you’re planning for the worst. It means you’re prepared and capable, no matter what comes your way. The medical supplies worth adding to your kit include basics like bandages, plasters, and disinfectant. Throw in some anti-inflammatory medication, pain killers, antihistamines, and any medication you might need for conditions you or passengers have (like emergency insulin for diabetics). Also, ensure you have some fast-acting glucose handy – it’s great for treating shock. 

  1. Car Trash Can

A messy car filled with empty food packets, bottles, and cans is the stereotypical picture of a road trip vehicle. They say a dirty car means you’re environmentally-conscious, indicating that you’d rather keep your trash in the car than see it out in nature. As admirable as this is, it can be quite a lot to deal with at the end of your trip. The solution? A car trash can. Contain the trash neatly and dispose of it responsibly as soon as possible. 

  1. Emergency Tool Kit

In addition to the toolkit you have on-hand for breakdowns, you should have a special kit for non-vehicular emergencies. Choose a neat container or box and include nail clippers, a lock-picking kit, a can-opener, a reusable straw, a lighter or a box of matches, a torch, batteries of various kinds and sizes, cable ties, Ziploc bags, plug point adaptors, and elastic bands. You might be surprised when and where some of these items come in handy when you’re on the open road. 

  1. Spare Charging Devices And Power Sources

Anyone who’s ever tried to navigate through an area they’re unfamiliar with will appreciate the need for spare charging devices and a functional GPS. It’s almost as though the dangerous side of any area is easier to find if you’re unfamiliar with the region and disconnected from technology. While you can’t always guarantee you’ll have a signal, keeping a power bank and spare charger in your car will increase your chances of finding your way easily and safely. 

  1. Eating And Drinking Utensils

A set of cups, plates, and cutlery often comes in handy on road trips. Sometimes, restaurants are too far away and you need to prepare a roadside meal on the go. No matter how well you plan out your route, it doesn’t always go the way you envisioned it. You might have a breakdown and require help. Being able to enjoy a meal on the side of the road will help you pass the time as you wait. Just make sure you also pack a few non-perishable food items. 

Breathe And Enjoy

Packing for a trip can be stressful, especially if you’re a planned-to-perfection type of person. However, a true adventurer knows when to throw caution to the wind and simply enjoy the ride. During the packing stage, planning properly will make the ride all the more enjoyable. By remembering these four items, you’ll have all your bases covered. 

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