Recovery Hacks – 5 Tricks to Make Healing From An Injury Easier And Less Painful

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Injury – whether the result of an accident or surgery – can be inconvenient and painful. Lack of mobility can really make it difficult to do even the smallest daily activities and getting to a doctor’s office can sometimes seem impossible. 

If you’re suffering an injury and would like to help it heal faster and be less painful, try some or all the suggestions listed below: 

1. Mobile Physiotherapy

As stated before, an injury can make it difficult to get around. Traveling outside the home may seem like wishful thinking. If this is the case, mobile physiotherapy may be the answer. 

Mobile physiotherapy is physical therapy done by a trained professional right in the comfort of your own home. Everyone knows that physical therapy works wonders on a variety of injuries, and when it’s done in your home, it’s even more beneficial in terms of convenience and comfort for most patients. 

2. Hot-Cold Contrast

By applying hot and then cold to an injured area, it decreases inflammation and pain significantly. Called a “contrast bath therapy,” a patient immerses the injured area in a warm environment (like a whirlpool) for a specified amount of time and then into a cold environment (like a pool) for another period. The process is repeated a few times to achieve the desired effect. 

If a whirlpool/swimming pool isn’t available, a hot/cold shower provides the same level of treatment. 

3. Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage helps promote healing by increasing blood flow and decreasing inflammation, especially in musculoskeletal injuries. During deep tissue massage, a trained therapist uses sustained pressure and slow, deep strokes to target connective tissues and the inner layers of the muscles. This type of massage helps reduce the stiffness and mobility limitations caused by scar tissue formation after an injury. 

4. Topical Treatments

Many people like to use topical treatments like Icy Hot or Aspercream to help alleviate the pain and stiffness associated with a variety of injuries. While this does help in many cases, you may want to consider trying transdermal magnesium lotion as an alternative as well. 

Magnesium helps relax sore muscles, which reduces pain and allows for faster healing. By applying magnesium in lotion form, it enables the active ingredient to penetrate faster and at a higher dose. 

5. Nutrition

Nothing helps a body heal faster than eating a diet rich in the right foods. When you can’t eat healthily, however, you can supplement your diet with a variety of natural ingredients known for decreasing inflammation and increasing joint mobility. 

A quick search online for “natural anti-inflammatories” will return a bevy of helpful results. Supplements such as glucosamine chondroitin to ginger and turmeric all have healing properties that work. If you aren’t sure which is best for your specific condition, don’t hesitate to ask your pharmacist or health food specialist. 

When it comes to healing faster and managing pain after an injury, there are several things you can do. From mobile physiotherapy, which is very convenient, to contrast bath therapy, deep tissue massage, topical treatments, and eating right, it’s possible to help your body heal faster while experiencing less pain after a major injury or surgery. 

If you’ve experienced an injury, be sure to try one or all the suggestions mentioned above to make your recovery a speedy one. 

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