Read on to know the art of meeting more men/women at a singles event!

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Singles events are of the hottest dating events at current times! No longer the social stigmas which were once attached to it are existent. What’s not to like? You could chill out over a couple of beers, or enjoy a great dinner with multiple members of the opposite sex, for a couple of hours, with all of you having the same thing in mind. To be honest, with the super busy and quick paced professional lives of men and women today, they hardly get to make time for socialising or dating. This concept of singles events or speed dating makes it possible for men and women to meet multiple potential matches at the same place, in the same evening, and establish long lasting relationships with that special someone.

Singles events can however be quite daunting and overwhelming with so many potential candidates under the same roof. You might tend to get caught up in unnecessary meets and greets, being unable to make the most out of the evening. Singles events are all about meeting the most number of people you can, so that you can make a well informed decision. People generally get butterflies in their stomach regarding what to wear to the event, feeling awkward, ending up getting stuck talking to a person you don’t match with etc. Well, keeping all these aside, singles events are great places to meet your love interest, and so you should definitely visit any such singles events in Sydney, European Singles in Sydney hosts one of the best singles events and gets together some of their most selected male and female members. They have been in the matchmaking industry for quite some time, and have been successful in bringing together happy couples ever since.

Tips to meet more number of men/women at singles events

You could be attending a singles event or hiring a matchmaker in Sydney for various reasons. You might have just gone through a bad breakup or you have decided to be more proactive in searching for your soul mate. Or perhaps you are completely tired of the online dating apps, simply chatting and not actually meeting someone. Well, whatever be the reason behind you landing up at a singles event, follow these tips to leave the venue with a long list of new contacts saved.

  • Look your best: Well, the very first step to meeting more people is to increase your confidence by looking your best. You need to arrive to the venue freshly showered, well groomed and nicely dressed. Dress to impress by donning well-fitted clothes that accentuates the best features of your body. You could also add an interesting piece of jewellery or tie or accessory in order to impress the person standing in front of you.
  • Realistic expectations: Rather than expecting that you will meet your soul mate, you should be looking forward to meeting and interacting with new people. If you go with the intention of meeting the one, it’s quite probable that you will be left feeling disappointed. You should set yourself the goal of talking to at least six-seven people of the opposite sex before leaving.  
  • Plan exit strategies: You can’t know everything about a person over a few short conversations in a busy, noisy environment. So, once you have talked a bit or exchanged numbers or made plans to meet in the future, you should know how to politely exit the scene. You should politely excuse yourself by saying that you need to mingle around a bit, and you are looking forward to meet that person again. If you want to escape from an awkward or unnecessarily long conversation, wait for the other person to pause, give a smile and take your leave.

So, the secret of singles events lies in meeting the greatest number of people you can, along with spending a decent amount of time to get to know each of them. Follow your guts, know when to leave and attend these events with the idea of socialising with new people, rather than searching for a partner.


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