Puppy Training Tips

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Dog Training is Vital

It’s easy to have a well-behaved, socialized dog if you start training them as a puppy. 

You have more time to spend at home and this is an excellent opportunity to teach your puppy everything you need to know about toilet training, best behaviour, and responding to cues.

Tips for Training Your Puppy

  1. If you want to praise your puppy or adult dog, pat them under their chin or chest. This is more affectionate than a pat or a head pat.
  2. Short, but frequent sessions should be used to train your dog throughout the day. To ensure that your puppy is paying attention, we recommend you train them for five minutes each day.
  3. Do not allow your puppy to do anything that isn’t appropriate for them later on in their lives. You should not allow your puppy to jump up on furniture or sleep in your bed.
  4. Positive reinforcement and praise are important in teaching commands to your puppy.
  5. Do not yell at or punish your puppy for following your commands. Positive reinforcement is the best method to train your dog.
  6. If your puppy does what you ask, a small treat or a highly-flavoured dog food is the best reward. But don’t overfeed. Treats should not exceed 10% of their daily food intake.
  7. Teach your dog the basic commands of sit, stand, come, drop, and stand. These commands will help you later learn more advanced tricks.
  8. You should teach commands like’sit’ or ‘drop’ at the puppy’s level.
  9. Attach a lead to your pup’s collar and let them go. Then, call their name and give them a treat. Once they approach you, reward them with a treat. Continue this process until your puppy is able to respond to the cues even without a treat.
  10. Puppy training should be started at eight weeks. By eight to twelve weeks, puppies can learn at their full potential.
  11. Your voice is your best tool for training. Use a happy tone for praises, a clear tone for commands and a firm tone when you say “No”.

A dog training course is a great way for your puppy to get the basics. The Best Behavior Program for puppy training in Perth has been temporarily suspended by Greencross Vets . However, you can still get more information about how to train your puppy by contacting your Greencross Vets.



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