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Pets and Artificial Grass: a Growing Friendship! Read All About It!

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Many of us are proud pet parents. Pets can be darlings, and of course you love having them around in the house! Those cute furry babies become the centre of our world and attention with their loving eyes, playful nature, and above all – unconditional love! Their cute welcome as soon as you step into the house, the way they play around you when you are having your tea and their exciting presence in your home – all these make life more meaningful for you. It’s natural to care for your pets when they are so much a part of your life and lifestyle.

That was pets! Now let’s talk about your home. Where you and your pets reside, along with other family members (or without them).  You certainly love your home! And who doesn’t like a garden in the back or front yard to enhance the beauty of the home?! But maintaining that garden can be tiresome. Especially when the furry friends are adamant to create a nuisance in the whole place! That is why experts suggest laying artificial grass in homes with naughty pets!

 The bonding and love of artificial grass and your pets!

We all know adopting a pet can be tough, just like adopting any child. You have to care for them, pay attention to them, feed them on time, play with them and also clean their dung. This is a part and parcel of bringing up a pet, and that is why you have to adjust everything around you in order to make your surroundings as pet friendly as you can. Either it can be installing fences on the gates or keeping the electric switch boards on a higher position, a home has to be built and designed in order to be totally safe and comfortable for a pet in the house. That’s why when you lay artificial grass lawn in NZ from Unreal lawns, which are of the best quality, it is a great decision, especially since those are extremely pet friendly. Want to know how? Read on.

  • Artificial grass is non toxic — Many pets, especially the very young ones, are allergic to natural grass and get infected because of it. The reason may be the soil underneath it or simply the dry weeds. But the artificial grass is non toxic (except the ones containing lead — avoid those when you have pets at home). Thus, the pets can play continuously on the grass, yet wouldn’t catch any infection because of the soil or the dry grass.
  • Artificial grasses are safe— Ever tried looking deep down in the natural grass? You’ll see a lot of insects and pests roaming there. And we all know these insects love to settle down on animal fur and skin. This again can irritate your pets and becomes unsafe for you too (especially if there are kids playing with these pets). While an artificial grass, if cleaned at regular intervals, doesn’t have any such issues of insects, and is quite safe for your pets.
  • Animal waste can’t damage it — We know artificial grass is tough and long lasting. So much so that, even when the pets urinate on it or pass solid waste, it doesn’t change its colour or gets damaged (and has to be discarded because of it). You just have to wash it with a good detergent and your grass would be green and new again! While a natural grass in this place can be too tricky to clean, and the smell would take weeks to fade.
  • Let them chew, it won’t budge — Ok, so all the pets have this irritating habit of chewing everything around them, or having a paw fight with them! (As if either everything around them is food or their enemy!) They even chew grass in the garden when they are too hungry or in a nasty mood or simply bored! Natural grass in this condition would be all eaten or taken out from their roots – making your garden become unpleasant to look at. While an artificial one stays rock solid and doesn’t even lose its original texture and shine because of all the playfulness! 

Loving and caring for pets is one matter, and keeping the house in intact shape is another. As a pet parent, you have to strike a balance. Just because you love your pet doesn’t mean you’ll have to bear with a house that has a filthy half eaten garden. The best solution here is artificial grass, that can serve both the purposes and still look amazing!

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