Passion Fruit Caipiroskas

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Brazil is known for its caipirinha, but it’s less well-known for its caipiroska cocktail, which combines vodka with lime juice and sugar. Michelle Bernstein hates the taste of alcohol, so she adds passion fruit puree to the mix.


3/4 cup frozen pure passion fruit puree, thawed (see Note)

3/4 cup sugar

3/4 cup fresh lime juice, from 5 limes, plus six thin lime wheels to garnish

1 cup plus two tablespoons vodka (9 ounces)

6 cups crushed ice


Mix the passion fruit puree, sugar, and lime juice in a pitcher until it dissolves.

Mix in the vodka. Add the vodka to 6 tumblers. Pour the drink into the tumblers. Serve with lime wheels garnished.

Get ahead

You can make the passion fruit mixture by following Step 1. Then refrigerate for at least one night.


Specialty food shops can sell frozen passion fruit puree. Vergera Boiron is an excellent brand. You can substitute passion fruit sorbet for the recipe and reduce the amount of sugar.

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