Rock Your Party With These Stimulating Ideas for Photobooth!

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So, you have finally decided to get a photo booth for your next party! And why not? After all, it’s the trendiest and the most happening feather in the cap of any party! That one arrangement that enlivens the spirit of your event! Who doesn’t love to get some fun clicks in an elegantly decorated photo booth and pose with those super cool props?

Photo booths do form an essential part of the entertainment quotient in your party! It’s not surprising, but there are people who attend a party and flock at the photo booth throughout the entire event. It’s but natural that you have to make it all the more compelling for your guests to ensure hundred percent fun, guaranteed!

How can you make your photo booth more enticing for your next party?

An enticing photo booth you hire in Perth from Vivid Media should be anything but monotonous! Enough of those same boring props with caps and boards and the same festive or birthday backdrop! Don’t you think photo booths should evolve better, become more creative and exhilarating to imbibe an element of surprise in your party? Let’s read how they can make your guests go gaga with laughter and excitement!

  • Pick the most distinct dramatic theme — The theme you chose impacts the fun your guests would experience at the photo booth, and ultimately the mood of your party! Let’s think of something really unique – say a chalkboard photo booth, where you can actually write your heart out and even pose with it! Or why not get a cruise shaped (and duly decorated) booth, or imagine your guests experiencing the feel of Alice in Wonderland in your fairy-tale themed booth? Wouldn’t it be just awesome? Think of such whacky ideas and just customise your photobooth accordingly! Your party is going to be power packed!
  • Add a twist to it — Did you think only those props are enough to charm your guests? Well, let’s add a buoyant twist to it! Why not have some dresses included with the props too? Like a barbie cap and skirt to go with the barbie theme or a flower garland and headband for the Hawaiian theme. Vintage capes and crowns would glam up a party that weaves an old-world charm (retro theme). You get the picture – the twist is something that your guests should really look forward to!
  • Blissful backdrop — Even though you may have restrictions to go haywire while while planning your party, say, it’s an office party, but you can still create some buzz of sensation at the photobooth! You can always choose the best and most captivating backdrop! After all, this is something in front of which your guests are going to pose like stars! So, let them feel that they are on cloud nine with an extraordinary backdrop!  

Aren’t you already feeling the grip of enticement at the thought of such an exhilarating photo booth? Don’t just enjoy reading then, try it!


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