Happy Snowman: The Northern Secret to Enjoying a Long Winter

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In a few months, it will soon be winter in the Northern hemisphere and the temperatures all around the northern hemisphere would soon start to plummet. It is more than likely that you are bound to shiver from the cold and start to shiver as well. That’s one view to take but how about another, that allows you to enjoy the winter snows, as well as all the various activities associated with the same. According to some psychiatrists, most people suffer from mild depression on account of having their activities being restricted due to winter and heavy winter storms. Well, it is a fact that most people feel dejected each time winter rolls around and perhaps, you need to start looking at it from a different perspective. You may want to adopt a positive mindset.

Check out the following tips:

  • Sunlight: Granted that if you live deep in the north, your sunlight is bound to be restricted and what’s more, you may just see the sun for a couple of hours each day and at certain locations, you would have to wait a long time to see sunlight again. Granted that the effect on someone new is bound to be more but the fact remains that as a human being, you are bound to appreciate something that’s no longer easily available. This is why, you may want to wake up early to catch the morning sunlight, as well as catch the play of light on fresh snow. And you can use electric floor heating to ensure that your residence remains warm and comfortable in the midst of all this winter.
  • Winter Activities: There are various activities that you can take part only during winter and after a heavy snowfall. Take skiing, for example, this is an activity that you could enjoy but only during the winter season and especially only after it had snowed. This should effectively get you to be more physically active and in the same process, ensure that you no longer feel depressed about the winter season and the resulting changes either. 
  • Under Tile Heating:  Sounds doozy, right? But one of the best things about winter is the fact that you can go in for several ways to warm yourself up, apart from taking part in strenuous physical activities. For example, you could have under tile heating in the living room, to make it seem warm and cozy. And then, of course, nothing beats a roaring fireplace, and especially one that has Yule logs in it. But you may also want to have the fireplace cleaned up and all ready to go, especially if you want to avoid a blocked chimney. A roaring fireplace, with under tile heating in the room, should definitely help keep the cold at bay and you can relax in front of the fire, with your friends and with some eggnog in your hand and have a great time.  
  • Winter Games: The interesting thing to look forward to, during winter is to see the whole community come together to enjoy winter. One of the ways that Norway celebrates winter is by hosting several cultural events and games as well. Even China has cottoned on to this with several of its winter resorts hosting games and cultural shows that are customized for the winter.  One of the interesting aspects of these cultural shows, as well as games, is that you are bound to interact more with others and in the process get to enjoy winter without having to be depressed about the same.
  • Cross Country: If you are really into sports and skiing in particular, then you can participate in cross country contests. These are usually held mid winter and consists of participants skiing from one city to the other. And the person, who completes the race and finishes it before others, would have won the event. The sport can be physically exhausting but at the same time, it should allow you to explore the beauty of the wild countryside.

These are some of the ways that you can enjoy winter , and at the same time, keep fit as well. This should help you get through the winter season and in the same way you should be able to make some new friends as well. Winter lasts for only a few months and there are several activities that you can take part in.


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