New You – 4 Simple Makeover Tips for Revitalize Your Look

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Time for a refresh? Sometimes just knowing you look great is all you need to step out with that glowing confidence that naturally turns heads. The secret to making it work lies in keeping it authentic. Accentuate your best features by giving them the space to shine. Sometimes it’s less about changing things and more about getting out of the way and not resisting the potential that’s dying to breakthrough. These five makeover tips give you a comprehensive checklist to work through. 

  1. Start With Your Smile

Within the first minute of meeting someone, you’ll have created a lasting impression. That’s all you get – 60 seconds! If you’re not confident about your smile and tend to hide your teeth, that’s going to be a major downfall. The popular quote, “a smile is the best makeup any girl can wear” speaks volumes. If you feel your teeth are beyond hope, composite veneers might change your mind. 

  1. It’s In The Hair

Coco Chanel had it right when she said, “a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” This applies to men, too. A simple hair cut or color can reinvent your entire look. To build on the earlier point of accentuating what you have – this is especially true for hair. If you have bushy hair, avoid haircuts that will require a daily straighten. Instead, choose a cheeky cut, like a bob, to flaunt those curls and waves. Seek help from experienced hairdressers to choose a cut that will suit your face and compliment your hair type. 

  1. Revitalize Your Worn-Out Wardrobe

Isn’t this part always so exciting in makeover shows on TV? The wardrobe do-over. If you’re worried that your clothes might be outdated or ill-suited to your body-type, avoid analysis paralysis and call in an expert, or at least read up and get some professional insight on clothes and fashion. 

Note the difference between fashion and style. Fashion comes and goes according to the seasons. Style refers to the shapes and colors that suit you, and these are elements that will suit you forever. When you can identify the clothes that work for you in a particular trend, you’ve mastered “style.” An image consultant can help you learn this, and you can then implement their advice going forward. 

  1. Grace and Beauty

Kindness and grace really do make you beautiful, and so does happiness. There’s a reason women love images of firefighters with puppies – kindness is attractive. The person with the latest hairdo and the straightest teeth won’t ever be as loved as the person who laughs freely and shares joy with those they meet. 

Here’s what we call The Grace Checklist:

-Use “please” and “thank you” as liberally as possible

-Make eye contact with everyone

-Compliment others (when you mean it)

-Be joyful

Do those sound obvious? Sure. But, you’d be surprised how often they are overlooked; especially being joyful. Sure, life is full of problems, but the truth is that happy people are more beautiful. 

The Joy of Living

Beauty is one of life’s great joys. In the words of John Keats: “a thing of beauty is a joy forever.” This works both ways. Great beauty can also be found in joy. If you’re looking for a change in life as you know it, consider taking up a hobby and re-awakening the passion for life you see in children. If you battle to find joy, seek help, and change that. Get the confidence for your new adventures by giving yourself a revitalizing makeover first. 


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