Multiple Ways to Enhance Your Car’s Speed!

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The need for speed is real! Especially for the ones who have been dreaming of flying on highways and empty roads. The ones who are huge fans of fast and furious! The sports freak who loves going for car racing or competes with friends as to who drives better and faster! (Not that we are encouraging over speeding or road rage!) But many people do have this drive to feel the adrenaline rush as a vehicle zooms past.

For a speedy ride, you require a compatible vehicle that can meet up to your expectations. A car that drives like wind and still maintains the smooth performance is a dream come true for speed junkies. Owning such a car can be really exhilarating for them. Want to upgrade your own car to one such? Give your present car a facelift to make it more powerful and better on the roads.

How to Make Your Car Faster and Smoother?

Upgrading a car for speedier performance means making it tougher too. This isn’t impossible! Just a few tricks and installations on your present car, and you can yourself be the fast and the furious driver on the road! Let’s see how you can accomplish the same:

  • Replace Your Spark Plugs — Spark plug is a crucial part of the engine that gives in spark which ignites the air and fuel mixture which drives the engine. It provides the direct electrical flow to the central electrode because of which the engine works smoothly. If by any chance these plugs are ignored, (which they often are) because they wear out with time, your engine would definitely be slow. You can forget speed in this case. Better replace these spark plugs timely for a smoother and faster spark- fuel combustion cycle and a speedier vehicle.
  • Air Intake — Air and fuel are two essential factors that keep your engine going smoother and faster. With air intake, you can get air faster in the engine. This ultimately leads to faster-driven cars.  This is pretty affordable and also increases your car’s mileage. This also saves your fuel in the long run.
  • Turbocharger — A turbocharger, added to the gasoline engine, spins and cleans the air and pushes it back to the engine. If more air is compressed, more of it can be squeezed into the cylinders, and hence more fuel can be added to the car. This calls for better combustion in each of the cylinders and ultimately better power of the engine. You can get it installed in the car by adding ZD30 Turbo from Demon Pro Parts, who are experts in installing the same and can help you with the complete procedure. They even provide a one year warranty if anything goes wrong in the charger in the long run.
  • Exhaust — The one part of the engine of which everyone is pretty much aware of is the exhaust. For a speedier engine, it’s better to upgrade your exhaust and replace it with dual exhaust. It restricts the pressure on the engine and leads to increase in the performance and speed of the car. But make sure to check the sound of the exhaust when installing it. If you think it’s increasing with the upgrading, check for ways to reduce the same, like adding large headers and removing mufflers from it.
  • Reduction of the Car  Weight — A bird can fly because it’s lighter! We all know that. Similarly, if we want our cars to be faster, we will have to reduce its weight too. No unnecessary crap in the car.  Keep the bonnet clean and get rid of excess spare parts. (Some speed-obsessed drivers don’t even carry an extra tyre because of it.) You can get your car upgraded for the same by replacing the trunk and hood with carbon fibre parts and your rim with high fibre lighter ones. You can even get rid of heavy upholstery and go for a lighter one and exclude the music system out of the car. Some serious sports car speed-oriented owners don’t even have air conditioner or head lights in their car for better speed!
  • More Fuel — You can increase the amount of fuel that goes in your cylinders by upgrading the fuel system with high flow pumps of fuel, high flow filters of the same, injectors, fuel rails, etc. But these upgrades demand a very close eye on them as more upgrades and less fuel can cause serious issues in your car.
  • Tyres — Tyres are an important component of the high-speed vehicle. The better inflated and of great quality the tyre is, the better stays the grip on the road. This leads to speeding with perfect balance and control. (Especially during the turns)

 A speedy and better performing car is always a joy to ride. If you desire the same, check the above points and get the needful done on your car for a speedy and smooth drive.


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