Meth Removal: Non-Detect and What It Means

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Many misconceptions exist in the field of Meth Testing in Utah. It is possible to hear meth forever destroying property and can only be removed by demolition. Or that it poses no real danger to the occupant’s physical health. These claims are false. They are generally based on a lack in public knowledge. Decontamination is a complex process and not something that’s discussed at most dinner parties.

Sometimes professionals can also mislead you. It doesn’t matter if it is intentional or inexperience, this can lead to overspending and waste of time.

We hear a lot of misconceptions about how impossible it is to clean a home of non-detectable meth. This has caused homeowners to have to sell some properties and forced them into paying high-priced services that don’t fit their needs. Fortunately, AEI Decon can completely decontaminate homes to undetectable levels. We are so certain of this fact that we offer a guarantee on our work.

Non-Detectable: What Does It Mean?

Our Certified decontamination specialists will test your home for meth. We follow strict procedures. Sending your home’s sample is part of the process. This includes ALSGlobal. The non-detectable quantity is what you might see in a lab reports. This indicates that any meth found in the sample is so small that the lab’s sensitive instruments cannot detect it. This reading is close to zero meth, which we like.

We say “as close to the surface as possible” because not every surface of your home will be tested. This would be extremely expensive and unneeded. We’re actually looking for enough meth to be of concern.

How can we be sure that non-detectable results are not being detected without testing every inch of the floor? The answer lies in meth’s molecule. Meth can change its state quickly. It can exist as a solid or a vapor and leave behind a residue. It can be burned to disperse and coat many surfaces. This requires specific methods of removal. Methamphetamine doesn’t end there. This substance can be easily re-vaporized by heat, time and other environmental factors. These state changes eventually will allow meth to spread throughout your house, getting into the ventilation system and beyond.

This means that proper sampling can almost always detect meth in your home. No test will prove that you don’t have any meth molecule in your home. However, as long proper sampling occurred, we don’t suspect any error in the test. Non-detect is truly the ideal reading.

Decontaminating to a Level Not Detectable

Now that you have an understanding of the terms, we can answer your questions. Is it possible to bring meth back to non-detectable levels if it is found in a house? Yesif you have all the necessary expertise and follow the correct procedures. This can mean more labor and better meth-removal methods, which can increase costs. We are always happy to assist you in determining whether or not your situation warrants such an approach.

Be aware, however, that not all professionals offer the same services. They will tell their customers that they can’t do non-detectable work or that it is too costly to demolish their homes.


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