Lockdown Life – 4 Ways to Make Life in Lockdown More Enjoyable and Less Frustrating

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Feeling emotional or constantly frustrated in lockdown is totally valid. Even those who enjoy solitude can struggle with the uncertainty and monotony of it all. To make it through unscathed, your best bet is to take it day by day, remind yourself that this is a temporary situation, and shift your focus to the things you can control in your environment. Here are four ideas for making lockdown life a bit more enjoyable:  

1. Create your own sanctuary

There is more than enough stress being shared in the media and the community right now. There’s no need to allow it to seep into your home environment too. Use this time to turn your home or your room into your own personal sanctuary. 

You can do this by displaying your favorite items and adding some photos that make you feel positive. Use an aromatherapy oil diffuser to cleanse the air and make your space smell comforting. Add to the ambiance by having a playlist of your favorite music ready to turn on when you want to create a mood.

2. Commit to an ongoing activity program

The disruption of routines like work, school, or the gym can be very unsettling. Committing to some kind of ongoing activity program is a great way to bring the structure back to your week. A simple way to do this is to sign up for some kind of online class. Whether it is fitness, craft, educational, or skill-based is up to you. Another option is to sign up for a challenge like a walk-a-thon or read-a-ton. This way, you always have something to look forward to while in lockdown. 

3. Engage with your local community 

Engaging with your local community can become part of your daily life, even in lockdown. It helps to connect with people who are in similar situations. Doing so will likely help you feel less alone, and as a bonus, you’ll get some good local tips! 

You can communicate with your neighbors by dropping off letters when you go out for exercise or starting a chat or group for your neighborhood. You can use your favorite social media channel and create a digital space from which to support each other and discuss local matters. You can join social media groups that are based on where you live, greet the workers at your local grocery store or cafe, and even write to your local businesses online. 

4. Prioritise pleasure every day

There are plenty of cringey cliches about self-love going around during lockdown. The worst culprits are the social media ads coming from corporations. Though they may make you roll your eyes (with good reason), the sentiment of prioritizing your needs during lockdown does have merit. Living in isolation for long periods of time is not ideal for human health. 

You don’t need to spend a fortune on home spa equipment or become a Yogi. Instead, prioritize the things that give you pleasure, no matter how small they are. Some ideas could be:

  • Phone calls with friends or relatives
  • Ordering your favorite takeaway without shame
  • Cooking something delicious that you find fun to prepare
  • Rewatching your favorite film or feel-good TV series 
  • Watching the sunrise or sunset from a beautiful spot
  • Drawing, writing, and other creative hobbies
  • Working on a puzzle or problem-solving activity
  • Playing video games
  • Having the occasional glass of wine!

Stay in touch with your loved ones every day, and consult with a health professional if it starts to feel too much. One day at a time, you will overcome this slump of frustration.

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