How Can PVC Curtains Help You Maintain Food Hygiene?

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In case you’re in the food industry, then you must know the importance of maintaining strict food hygiene routines. Maintaining good food hygiene on an everyday basis is not easy and therefore require foolproof measures. 

However, the good news is that – you can easily improve your food hygiene protocols by installing PVC curtains inside your food storage warehouse. To help you learn more about the significance of PVC strip doors, we are sharing some of the brilliant benefits that PVC curtains can provide in your food storage procedure.


Benefits Of Using PVC Curtains For Maintaining Food Hygiene

  1. Ability To Separate Non-Food Items From Foods

PVC warehouse door curtains help you create a boundary between food and non-food-related items. Since PVC curtains tend to be flexible yet heavy, it will be easier for your employees to walk through them to access the food items. Furthermore, they also create an effective barrier in preventing any contaminants from entering your food storage from non-food-related areas.

It should be remembered that all the PVC curtains must be kept tightly closed at all times, especially when the food storage is not being utilized. Such a procedure will help the curtains to work more effectively against contaminants.

  1. Keep The Pests At Bay

If your food storage is in direct contact with the outside environment, such as having a door or window, then you definitely need to make provisions for the same. Most of the time pest infestations tend to occur, such as insects and wild rats. So, if you don’t take care of your food and protect it from pest infestation, not only you’ll face losses but also face food poisoning.

Moments like these are when you need to opt for PVC curtains. It should be perceived that even though PVC curtains are easy to move for humans, they’re not that easy to move by pests. As a result, pests & rodents will not be able to pass through the PVC curtains and access the food storage.

Apart from installing PVC curtains, you should also remember to clean them regularly, so that the spread of contaminants can be minimal. Cleaning PVC curtains is easy as you just need to swipe a damp cloth over the surface and you’ll be good to go.

  1. Better Food Temperatures

Since foods are perishable products, they need to be kept within optimum temperatures, otherwise, they could get spoiled pretty easily. The temperature shouldn’t be too hot or too cold. Using PVC curtains along with your warehouse’s HVAC system should be enough to keep your food in good condition.

PVC curtains will cut down any cold or hot air traveling from the outside environment into your food storage, thereby maintaining a constant temperature.


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