Leather VS Man-made Textile! Which is the Better Choice for your Motorcycle Apparel?

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If you are an avid biker or planning to purchase a new motor cycle, you need to prepare your wardrobe first. You need to be totally sure that you have the appropriate clothes for biking. Biker clothes aren’t just about fashion and style (though we can’t deny the fact that biker clothes look super stylish and attractive)! They are also responsible for saving your bones in case of an accident. They also provide you comfort while driving. That’s the reason why no experienced biker gets on his motorcycle without his safety gear.

Before we go deeper into the details of biker clothing, let’s tell you what the basic items you should have. Along with your helmet (of course), you should have gloves, your biker jacket, your motorcycle pants, your motorcycle boots, as well as goggles to protect your eyes. The main feature of motorcycle clothing is the armour (that’s somewhat like a protective jacket), just like scuba gear for a diver or a wetsuit for a surfer. So, whatever sport you may be indulging in, whether it’s motorcycling or scuba-diving or even surfing, you need protective gear, which you shall get in plenty in any Braunton based surf shop. The Board Barn is one such shop, and provides a myriad collection of sporting gears and equipment — whether its surfing, spearfishing, snorkelling, or motorcycling, they have you covered.

What’s the better material choice when it comes to clothing for motorcycling?

When it comes to biker clothes, an image of a rough and tough man in a leather jacket, pants, chains, and spikes automatically pops up in heads. However, modern manufacturing techniques and materials have slightly changed the way people see biker clothes. Man-made textile is giving quite tough competition to the leather jacket. So, before buying motorcycle apparel from any store that sells deus ex machina clothing in UK, you should know what your gear is made up of. It could be either leather or man-made textile! Let’s see what the pros and cons of each are:

  • Pros of leather gears: It’s lasts for a much longer time, and is also available in a variety of styles. The leather clothing is quite comfortable and soft on the skin. These leather biker jackets are perfect to be worn during the cold, as this material helps to retain body heat and protect against cold wind. It’s also quite easy to patch up a tear or hole in a leather jacket. Leather jackets are abrasion resistant and provide you with a classy and stylish look.
  • Cons of leather: Leather is a costlier fabric than man-made textiles. Also, it’s quite a discomforting choice for summers. When wet, it gives an uncomfortable and cold feeling. It also shrinks when wet, and is much lesser water-resistant than modern synthetic materials. Leather jackets are much heavier than made-made textile counterparts, and are not resistant to punctures.
  • Pros of textiles: Materials like ballistic nylon and Kevlar are quite durable options when it comes to biker gear. These synthetic materials are highly waterproof and much more affordable than leather. These garments do not allow shrinkage, and are equipped with thermal linings to protect you from the cold. These linings can be removed (when required) during the warmer months. Textile motorcycle apparel is lightweight and contains air vents to keep the rider cool. This biker material is easy to wash and take care of, requires no ironing, and retains its appearance for a long time.
  • Cons of textiles: These synthetic materials are less soft and are bulkier compared to leather. These do not have a classy appearance like leather has. And also, holes or tears in these materials are difficult to patch up. So, its service life may get reduced.

So, these were all the good and bad qualities of each of the materials. Now, depending on your usage requirements and priorities, you can decide which pros to highlight and which cons to ignore. Keeping these pointers in mind shall help you choose the best material for your biker clothes.


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