How to use Colour Changing Led Lights to Improve Your Home Atmosphere

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Now that LED lighting is becoming more and more common as a cheap, energy efficient way of lighting the home, many people are also discovering the other significant benefit of LED over more traditional light bulbs – LED is flexible enough that you can have just about any colour or effect you want! You can even have LED lights that change colour, either subtly and gently to create a relaxing yet sophisticated look, or quickly and boldly like party or Christmas lights. Here we take a look at some cool ways to use colour changing LED to create attractive looks and moods around your home.

Create A Luxury Spa Look In Your Own Bathroom!
Coloured lights have been used a lot in fancy spas and salons because of the powerful effect colour can have on mood and relaxation. Slow, gently changing lights that use fresh, clean colours like blue and green can make your morning bath or shower feel even more invigorating, or you can use deep, soothing reds, oranges and purples to help you unwind in the evening. This is a remarkably inexpensive way to give your own home a real feeling of luxury.
Create A Sophisticated Mood For Entertaining! Softly changing lights can really add an air of sophistication to a relaxed dinner or drinks party.

Using colouVisit Sitered lights or dim white lights that softly twinkle can make your dining room or lounge feel like a constantly changing, relaxing environment where people can really enjoy themselves. Because LED lights are so easy to change, you can even configure them specifically for a certain event, having sparkly, brightly coloured lights for a lively party with dancing, or a festive celebration, then changing to more subtle, gentle colours and change patterns for a casual dinner.

Brighten Up Your Outdoor Spaces For Summer!
You can get plenty of LED lights that are suitable for outdoor use, meaning you can apply the same great techniques to bringing colour and light to your patio, deck, balcony or garden. This can make for a really magical setting for parties on summer evenings or fun family barbecues, and can also transform your outdoor spaces into a really nice place just to sit and relax by yourself in the evening.

Using LED For Kids’ RoomsIf your child still prefers to have a nightlight, you can create a soothing, gentle light effect that can help them sleep using dimmed LED light in a colour they find relaxing. A coloured light will generally be easier to sleep with than a white one, even when dimmed, so you can give them a nice red, pink, blue or purple glow, or even one that gently and smoothly changes as they drift off to sleep. For older kids, you can use LED to create a lot of fun effects that can make their rooms feel really special. A lot of kids love bright LED fairy lights that can create some sparkle in their favourite colour.


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