How to throw a music theme party for your friends

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If you are planning to throw a party for your family and friends, then you may want to go ahead with a music theme party since that seems to be all the rage now. Before you imagine that a music theme party is just throwing some good music together and that’s it, you may want to do a rethink. A good music theme party would either be centered on one particular artist/ group or around a particular decade and of course, you would have the various add-ons as well, which should help make the party stand out for all the right reasons. Check out the various tips, on how to throw a great music theme party.

1. Choose the genre/artist/timeframe: When it comes to music theme parties, the all important decision has to be the music itself. You need to pick out the right music, one that you are sure your guests would love or the right time frame, modern, or retro. The ones that you choose can help set the mood for the rest of the party. And of course, a karaoke may sound lame but it sure is tons of fun. And if you have a guitar that needs to be restrung, then check online for acoustic guitar repair and get it done, in time for the party.

2. Costumes: The fun part about music theme party or for that matter, parties with any theme is that you get to play ‘dress up’. You can dress up in a costume that’s representative of your favorite singer and even belt out a few tunes for fun. And it is always a great idea to dress up and to get into the whole spirit of the party itself.

3. Repairs: And if you have a few broken down pieces of musical instruments, you can search online for guitar repairs in Melbourne, and get the lot fixed. You can use your instruments and have a singing competition or just come up with your own inspired take on a famous song.

4. Food: Well, when it comes to a theme party, can themed food and drinks be all that far behind? Naturally, you can hire a caterer and get them to deliver some party themed food, which should help make your party stand out for the right reasons. And do try to avoid corny food names; it really does not do much for the party or for your image either.

5. Decorations: There are several party organizers who can organize your party for you from scratch. They would ensure that your party has the properly themed party decorations and that it stands out for the right reasons

6. Gift bags: And when it comes to gift bags at a musical themed party, you may not really be able to think of anything else that would be perfect than the latest musical CD of your favorite artist. Or you can record some of your favorite songs and download them to a CD and then gift it to your guests.

7. Souvenirs: And when it comes to souvenirs from the party, what’s better than a few candid shots as well as videos? Make sure you get everyone in and that they are all having fun. You may want to carefully store the images and media files, get some of them printed out, develop a scrap book and gift the same to your guests later on.

These are some of the tips, which you would need to review when it comes to throwing a music themed party for your friends. Do remember that you can always get party themed decorations from balloons to gifts at select party vendors. So you may have to check online for the same, and call them or visit them in person to find out if they have the right accessories for your party.


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