How To Safely Move Your Piano In Five Steps

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The piano is an expensive musical instrument. Not everyone can afford to have one in their home. But you have one at your home. Now you want to relocate to a new home. You may also want to take your piano with you.

Do not attempt to move the Piano on your own. You will easily damage it. In most cases, repairing a damaged piano will be expensive. You may have to search for the best piano movers. It is always important to hire expert piano movers in the Wellington team. Before you hire professional piano moving services it is advisable to check with their experience.

Step 1. Ensure you make the right decision

The first step is to decide what you want to do. If you are planning for a DIY task, then do think twice. You may not be able to handle this task on your own. This is why we recommend you search for an expert team.

It is always more effective to hire a team that has at least six to seven helpers. The piano is never lightweight. It is not easy to lift the piano and keep it on the truck. You may always need a lot of assistance. Collect details of the number of helpers you may need for moving the piano in advance.

Step 2. Ensure the team is well equipped

Moving something like a piano physically may never be an easy task. If you do not have access to the right set of tools then you may not be able to move it an inch. You cannot drag the piano indoors on a flat surface as well. The piano will get damaged.

For lifting the piano you may need access to the best pulley and hook system. It has to be portable and it should be equipped on the vehicle as well.

Step 3. Always take measurements in advance

Many people make this mistake and they end up in despair. Before you decide to move the piano out of the room, you have to take accurate measurements. You also have to clear all obstacles in the path. You can ask the expert team to take perfect measurements.

If you are going to pull the piano out the hallway, ensure there is sufficient space on both sides of the piano.

Step 4. Always keep the path clear

Moving the piano down the staircase means a lot of precautions have to be taken. You will have to ensure that there is no obstacle in the path. The back part of the truck also has to be clear of all obstacles. If you are going to load the piano in the truck, do check with these factors in advance.

Step 5. Take all precautions

The professional team members also have to be safe when handling the piano. The piano should not slip out of the hands or else it will break. The team should have rugs and gloves to lift the piano as well. If possible try and install wheels on the piano legs. This will make it easy to drag the piano on flat surfaces.

You can also make use of an inclined plane to move the piano down the staircase. The professional team can make this arrangement by making small changes. Even when loading the piano, proper care is important.

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