How to Make a Style Statement While Keeping Warm This Winter?

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Fashion keeps evolving throughout the year and with the winter around the corner, you can go ahead and experiment with wild and get away with it. There is no doubt in all of us being extremely excited to change our wardrobes according to the weather. As much as fashionistas love breezy summer wear, they also look forward to flaunting over-sized coats and sweaters. There are numerous options when it comes to winter fashion. Winter fashion doesn’t have to be boring and lousy, you can still look like a star while you keep the cold away. Here are some expert tips to look like a diva while fighting the cold.


Layering is the number one method that you need to master during the winter. It is very practical to pile up when the weather gets harsh and it adds a lot of elements to the clothes you wear. Take your chances while layering your favorite pieces. If you are feeling extra cold, wear a warm and tight bodysuit and layer it with a thick cardigan and a beautiful stole. You can also wear heavy-duty pants to keep your legs warm. Try and get creative with all the pieces you have in your wardrobe. After all, this is the only time you can flaunt those classy turtleneck sweaters.


Footwear marks a great value in any type of fashion. Choose the right type of boots for you this winter. If you are into that edgy look, go for leather ankle boots. Pair them with an edgy pair of trousers and you will look stunning. Ankle boots compliment the layering style as well. One of the unique things about ankle shoes is that they look great with dresses as they do with pants as well. If you are looking for a very formal-chic look, you can pick Oxford shoes. These shoes have laces and will add on to the “formal” factor you are looking for. They look great on both women and men. If you are a heel-junkie and cannot give up your heels in the winter, go for pumps that fully cover your feet. They pair well with both casual and formal wear. Leather pumps look very classy and will also keep your feet heated throughout a long winter day.


Knitted wear screams winter. You can wear pullovers and stoles that are knitted along with other solid layers. These knitted pieces add a rustic yet refined essence to your outfit. They compliment any basic look and make it look stunning. Thick knitted scarves can give you that Instagram-worthy look you are seeking this winter. Adding different textures to your outfit making it look versatile and this knitted-wear will also keep you warm and cozy. Throw some knits on your regular wear and accentuate the way you look. Go to the shops that have colorful clothing in NZ to find beautiful knitted pieces.


Always dress to enhance the variations. Dark tones compliment pale winter skins and the snow more than lighter summery shades. Dress up in shades like dark green, maroon, burgundy and navy to look stunning. If you are layering different items, make sure that the biggest piece you wear, or the most exposed piece is in a very deep tone. Therefore, choose dark pants and cardigans. It is quite natural to gain a few pounds during winter. Thus, wearing dark shades will make you look sleek even when you wear bulky layers. If you layer items of light shades, then the look will not be very chic.

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