How To Find The Perfect Private Wine Tour In The Hunter Valley

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It can be difficult to find the perfect private wine tour in Hunter Valley. Decision-fatigue, hello! We know the Hunter Valley like the backs of our hands! It’s a great understatement to say we love this area. The Hunter Valley has everything: boutique wineries, delicious cheese platters made from local produce, and even a cheeky cocktail. We haven’t even touched on the breath taking views and adorable farm animals, nor the stunning sunsets.

The perfect hunter valley private tours can be a great choice for your group of friends. These are some things you should consider when choosing your tour.


The Hunter Valley is unique for its diversity of wineries, of all sizes. These wineries are able to be recognized as real institutions in the region, with a history of winemaking dating back to the 19th century. Wineries like Audrey Wilkinson Vineyard, Tempus Two and Tyrrell’s are a common sight in the region. Wine tasting rooms in these wineries are often architectural landmarks that show how long they have been around. They are often found around Pokolbin which is the main hub in the Hunter Valley. Ask your tour company if you are interested in seeing these famous brands. These places are often included in standard tours.

You can also arrange a Hunter Valley private tour that focuses on small boutique wineries you haven’t heard of, or a combination of both. Many of the best wines are produced by small boutique wineries that are located outside the main hub. We learned that they are passionate about providing special tasting experiences for their visitors. They are often small and family-owned businesses that offer a high-quality, hand-crafted product. You will be able to learn more about the process of making a boutique wine because of the close relationship that exists between the winemaker’s and their customers. Urban Legends Tour Co. is a specialist in taking guests to the top boutique wineries of the Hunter Valley. Ask about our private wine tours. You may prefer to visit larger wineries, or a combination of both. Our team can help you out!


There are many wineries in Hunter Valley. It is no surprise that the tasting experience on your private wine tour will vary. The larger wineries offer standing tastings while smaller venues offer seated tastings. However, this can vary from one winery to the next. Craftsmen will often spend time with you to allow you to taste their best wines and hope you’ll love them enough to take home some. These tastings allow you to sample wines that suit your personal tastes.

Standing tastings will be conducted by a staff member at the cellar door who will give you a brief overview of each wine within 15-30 minutes. Boutique wineries will take longer to explain each wine. The result is a longer tasting period of approximately one to one and a quarter hours. These tastings are much more customizable so we recommend that you include fewer locations than you would like. Ask your private tour operator if you want to visit as many wineries and as many wineries possible.

Private wine tours in Hunter Valley can be either seated or standing tastings. Ask your private tour operator for information about the options available and let them know what you prefer. Urban Legends Tour Co. caters to both. However, we have a sneaky preference for treating our guests to beautiful seated tastings.


The Hunter Valley is not only a great place to visit for wine, but it’s also home to some of the best produce artisans in the country. It is important to note that not all wine tours in the Hunter Valley will offer complimentary artisan cheese platters. Some offer them as an extra.

Many tour operators offer the possibility of a cheese tasting. You should ask whether the tour includes a cheese tasting or if it is just a stop in a local cheese shop like the Smelly Cheese Store. It’s a huge difference to be able to sample local cheeses while also enjoying a delicious platter at a wine tasting. You shouldn’t rush to add another place to your day.

We believe that a Hunter Valley private wine tour is incomplete without sampling all the wonderful wines. Cheese is life,. This special day is complete with tasting different cheeses, chocolates, and even wood-fire pizzas. As you can see from our packages, we love to include gourmet cheese platters made with local cheeses in Hunter Valley Private Wine Tours.

Are your tasting fees included in a private wine tour?

When choosing your private wine tour, make sure your tasting fees are included. A majority of Hunter Valley vineyards will require that you pay a tasting fee. Both boutique wineries and large-scale wineries charge tasting fees that range from $0 to $20. The tasting fees pay a portion of the cost of the wines. However, even though there is a small fee, wineries still invest in these tastings to help customers find their favorite wine. Many wineries rely on sales of bottles, even though they charge a tasting fee. These legends are very grateful for the gesture of buying a bottle or condiments after a wine tasting.

A lot of wineries require advance bookings, especially if you’re looking for a private tour. If you are interested in smaller, boutique wineries, you must book in advance and pay a tasting fee. Even if you’re traveling with just two or four people, it doesn’t matter! Private wine tours offer the added benefit of having all bookings and tasting fees handled for you.


You want something different? There is something for everyone in the Hunter Valley! Private wine tours can be arranged to create something unique for your group. Visit to a craft brewery? Yes! You can taste some local vodkas, gin and schnapps. Get on board! You want to relax and enjoy a picnic with amazing views? We are coming right up!

If you are interested in organising a private wine tour with small groups to visit boutique wineries, we can help! We make sure that you have a spot at the wineries you visit (some don’t allow groups). You will also get to enjoy a premium seated tasting experience at hand-picked boutique wineries. Browse our range of packages by clicking here.


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