How Shamanic Energy Healing can help you take back control of your life

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There are many energy healing modalities. One of these is Shamanic energy healing, but there are many other schools, techniques, and approaches.

The Four Winds is the school I am currently studying in. It is a leading international energy healing school led by Dr. Alberto Villoldo who has spent decades working with the Peruvian Shamans. His unique teachings combine the traditional healing methods of Native American Shamans with modern neuroscience. He is also an anthropologist and a medical doctor.

Shamanic techniques enable clients to access deep healing. They can remove imprints from the energy field that could be manifesting in the form of negative experiences, toxic relationships, or other symptoms.

What happens in a shamanic healing session?

Your energy field is what I will be focusing on. Traumatic experiences can be stored in the energy field and can manifest as limiting patterns, behaviours, negative experiences, or physical symptoms.

The session will begin with a discussion about what you are looking to accomplish and what you would like to do.

Once we have identified the priority and determined which techniques are needed, I will ask you for your comfort (if possible, lie down). Relax.

While I work with your energy field, I can also guide you through breathing exercises and visualisations. Relax, surrender, and set an intention for release of anything not in your highest interests.

Sessions can be done in person or online. They are equally effective.

There are many techniques that can be used during a session of shamanic energie healing. Here is a brief summary to give you an idea of what to expect.

Decoupling. This energy healing and guided visualization technique resets your fight or flight system. Our world is stressful. Most people have their fight or flight system on for over 40 years. This is bad for our health, and can even lead to depression. It is best to turn it off. This will restore balance and help you feel calm and relaxed. This is a great technique to reduce stress and anxiety.

Chakra balance and illumination. This is the heart of shamanic energy services. It heats up the sludge, deposits and energy that are stuck to the chakra walls. It is possible to alter negative emotions and behavior when this happens.

Extraction: There are some toxic energies that can crystallize in the energy field. They need to be extracted by a different method.

Entities or intrusive energies can attach to a chakra, and connect to the central nervous systems. They then become a parasite to the host.

Crystallised or intrusive energy can cause or exacerbate many psychological and physical issues, such as anxiety, depression and addictions. The energy can be extracted and the client is able to change his behavior. Sometimes, he also experiences healing by himself.

Cord cutting We can usually connect and disconnect with others energetically with ease. But, if we come across energetic threads with which we are in a strong affinity, either positive or negative, it is easy to get tangled up. This is how a cord is formed. This corded connection can be harmful. We become codependent and exchange dark energies, emotions, and affinities with others.

These cords can be cut and the affinity removed. This will allow us to end toxic relationships and begin to relate to others in a healthy, nurturing, and authentic manner.

Soul retrieval It is possible for one part of your soul to split, taking with them a piece of your essential self. This is what psychologists call dissociation.

Soul-retrieval involves the renegotiating of old soul contracts and the elimination of limiting beliefs.

As a child, imagine that someone was involved in a car accident that resulted in the death of a family member. One part of the self “flees” when the experience is too painful. Soul retrieval is about retrieving the unwounded parts of the self and integrating the positive traits and quality.

Ancestral constellation It is important to heal the relationship we have with our ancestors if we are to get rid of any negative family patterns. We can build better relationships with our families by expressing gratitude, forgiveness, and releasing our anger.

This technique involves tracking an ancestor’s location within our psychic field, and changing our relationship with them.

These sessions leave most people feeling relaxed and connected to themselves. I do not recommend booking any social or physical activities after the session.



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